2007-02-09 - 5:06 p.m.

I really want to post and fill this thing in with what is going on, but the fact of the matter is Iím working a 40 hour week and four shows at once. Iím tired, people, and thatís pretty much all there is. Youíll hear more from me next week, including the story of the exploding soup.

Until then, a survey, just to fill some space.

1] What are you doing Feb. 14th?
Work then rehearsal. That will probably be it.

2] What kind of cell do you have?
a pretty blue one

3] Color socks you wore today?

4] How many Harry Potter books do you own?
all of them

5] Paper: College ruled or wide lined?

6] Do you have a digital camera?
Itís a piece of crap, but yes

7] Do you have a job?
Four right now. Three on Monday. One in April. Two in May.

8] What color is your jacket?
dark charcoal grey

9] Does it snow where you live?
No, well only under extreme, Bible-esque circumstances

10] Ever been to Italy?
Yes. Venice, Verona, and Florence

11] Do you keep your movie tickets?
Only through tax time. Theyíre a write-off

12] How many phone numbers do you have on your phone?
52 People, no idea how many numbers.

13] Who was your last text from?

14] Who's your #1 on myspace?
Nicole, I think?

15] Do you have a yellow shirt?
I donít think so.

16] What month is it?

17] You ever lit a match?
No, I have never in my life lit a match. I also live in a cave with wolves.

18] Can you start a fire?
Damn skippy. I was a Girl Scout after all.

19] Can you go a day without looking in a mirror?
No, it would be difficult even if I werenít as vain as I am, seeing as most bathrooms have them above the sink.

20] Is your bedroom window facing south?
No, north.

21] Ever been duct taped?
Christ on a cracker, I donít even want to know what that would be.

22] You have an older brother?

23] Have you ever STARTED a food fight?

24] Can you walk in high heels?

25] Collect anything?
Nothing of consequence.

26] Steve or Joe?
Which ones are you talking about? Steve Young or Joe Montana? Steve McQueen or Joe Pecci? The guy Iím currently dating or my ex?

Well, as Bone Daddy knows, the answer will always be STEVE!

27] Aren't penguins awesome?
They kick ass. Theyíre the James Bonds of the animal world.

28] Who'd miss you most if you died?
my family

29] Do you own a scarf?
Yes, a couple, but I never wear them.

30] Bald or fat?
Bald. As long as he owns it.

31] What color is the blanket on your bed?

32] Do you have an orange ball?
I donít think so

33] Ever been snowboarding?
Once. It did not go well.

34] Ever seen a starfish?
yes, and I held it.

35] Can you juggle?
No, but I always wanted to learn.

36] Do you tear open your gifts?

37] Mittens or gloves?

38] What's the longest Halloween candy has lasted with you?
A year. I hid it from myself to make it last longer and then forgot about it.

39] You're wearing pj's arent you?
At work? Um, no.

40] Fly or laser vision?
You mean can I fly or I see like a fly with all the prisms and shit? If itís ability to fly Iíll take that one.

41] Looking back - what was your least favorite school year?
2nd and 7th

42] Ever answered a phone that wasn't yours?

43] Hit anyone with a cart lately?
I don't regularly go around with carts

44] Where did you work last year?

45] How was your last birthday?
Very chill and fun.

46] Last song you heard?
The Colombian music the cab driver was listening to last night.

47] Who WON'T repost this?
Most everyone

48] Roses or carnations?

49] Last person you yelled at?
I donít really yell.

50] Italian or Mexican?

51] Ever eat an entire can of frosting?
Not in one sitting.

52] Strange belief as a child?
That you always had sex in the bathroom. My parents told me how sex worked when I was six and at that point the only place I could think of that a person spends a good deal of time naked was the bathroom, ergo, you have sex in the bathroom.

53] Favorite candy?
Godiva dark chocolate

54] How old were you when you learned to read?
Kindergarten, 5 I guess

55] Who was your last phone call?

56] Last time you had a headache?
Last week

57] First car?
Brown Volkswagon Rabbit

58] Do you have Barbies?
Not anymore

59] What's on your bedroom walls?

60] Insert random word here:

61] Do you own anything sharp?
The doctor said that wouldnít be a good idea.

62] Whats the first word you think of when you hear - lake?

63] What color is your watch?

64] Ever been pushed off something?
Um, yes.

65] Last time you were hyper?

66] What did you do today?
Went to work, now off to run a dance show.

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