Fire in the Hole!
2007-02-15 - 3:59 p.m.

Ok, Iíve been rather disjointed and scattered lately, hence the lack of posting and crap surveys (Sorry Deb.) but I have a few moments and can at least spin the tale of the Amazing Exploding Soup.

About a week ago I was sitting at my desk typing away at something or other. The others in my cube were off getting lunch, so I was by myself and all was quiet. Suddenly, from the end of the floor where the kitchen is, I hear BANG!!! Crash! Tinkle, tinkle, random sounds of falling objectsÖ Giggle, giggle, giggle. Now I stand up and look over but donít see folks running in terror and then I hear the giggling so I figure someone overheated something in the microwave or some similar event. A minute or two later I walk over to get my own lunch out of the refrigerator and I see Mayumi wiping down the walls of her cube. This is curious, since folks usually donít need to wipe off the walls in a normal office. I look over to the other end of the cube, a good ten feet away, and Zach is sitting there covered in green stuff and the thermos in front of him is foaming and frothing away. He is looking up at the ceiling, so I look up. There is asparagus soup all over the ceiling in a blast pattern similar to those seen many times on Mythbusters and at the center of the blast is a hole where the lid of the thermos went through the ceiling tile. While Iím taking all of this in, the smell hits me. Just so you all know, exploding asparagus soup smells like puke. Several people were asking, ďWhat the hell was he eating? Vomit in a can?Ē Yes, we are a classy bunch. The smell lingered for a couple of hours and the ceiling tile had to be replaced.

Here is what apparently happened: Zachís wife made asparagus soup and packed up some of the leftovers for him to take to work. These leftovers were sitting in the thermos in the corner of his desk until lunchtime. Lunchtime rolls around, he picks up the thermos in its corner and sets it down in front of him. At this point, without him touching the lid or changing anything at all other than the soupís position on the desk, the thing explodes with enough force to put a hole in the ceiling and cover everything in a ten foot radius with said soup while the bit left in the container was foaming and frothing to the point of running out over the top and onto the desk. How does this happen? He didnít heat it, he didnít shake it, he didnít even try to take the lid off. The other thing we all want to know is: what the hell was in that soup???

Ah, office life, itís thrill a minute.

In other news, I finished up my gig at the Dance Space, so now itís just the High School and the Stage Management gig. Both are going very well, Iím trying not to lose a grip on the High School show since it is pretty big and Iím not there as much as I would like to be, as stage crew hours overlap with day job hours. I think tonight I need to set up a few checklists and spreadsheets to help keep track of whatís done and what needs to be done.

What really needs to be done is laundry, though I will probably get home too late to get to the Laundromat tonight. I might be able to get it all sorted and in bags ready to go for tomorrow, though. That will also make my room look much cleaner, which would be nice. I sort of feel bad anytime BoyToy stays over, since itís such a mess most of the time. Sometimes I really wish I was one of those clean, tidy people who stay on top of organization and pick up their spaces once a week and never have extra paper on their desks. I am just completely incapable of that. I have tried. Multiple times. It just isnít going to happen. Iím lucky that new Roommate is on the cleaner end (without being freakish). He keeps me on my toes in the common areas at least.

I thought I might have something else, but really, I donít. Iím just going to stop here and finish up the work I need to do so I can go home on time.

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