Gaze into My Crystal Ball
2006-08-01 - 5:02 p.m.

Stoopid Internet is down again, so we shall see if this can get posted later. I am going to confess a bad habit. My many neurosis require that on the first of the month I must read my horoscope on I donít know how much I really pay attention to said horoscope, but I must read it. I think it lets me feel like I have some idea of whatís coming, even if I donít really believe it. So, the point of all of this is: according to the highly reliable August is going to be a pain in the ass, at least for the first half. There should be personal problems and frustrations at work and friends needing help and all kinds of chaos. Well, I donít want that anymore. Iíve been dealing with that all this month and last month. Maybe sheís off by a month and everything she predicted was actually for July and now August will rock? Maybe? The funny thing is, I really donít believe in horoscopes, not deep down anyway, but I was so bummed when I read that.

Iím working on my typing speed again. Iíve pretty much got the touch-typing down, for the most part, anyway, and when Iím typing my own thoughts Iím pretty speedy, but Iím trying to build up my speed when Iím copying things. I have an online tutor thing to help and itís going pretty well, but the level Iím on is for getting each finger to do more than one keystroke in a line, which is fine, but ĺ of the exercises are ^s and |s and {s and such, which is also fine to have them in there, but it is also annoying as hell because they do still slow me down because I donít have all of them memorized yet for the sole reason that you almost never use them in regular typing. Throwing one or two into the line makes sense; having only two actual letters in a mish mosh of random wingdings does not make any practical sense. Annoying.

I got to hang out with Sarah and Mark et al. last Friday and I got to meet little Daisy for the first time. Iíve never actually seen a baby that new before. She is so cute, and everything is so little. Her parents are so funny, too. They both just adore her and it is so great. We spent some of the evening trying to get her to focus her eyes and track our fingers. Poor thing, she was probably wondering why all the silly grown ups kept wagging their fingers all over the place. Poor Sarah is such a trooper recovering from her C-section. She was describing the whole thing, and I sort of knew how it went, my mom told me a little about hers, but people, they TAKE YOUR STOMACH OUT OF YOUR BODY AND PUT IT ON THE TABLE. Yes, many organs are removed and then put back when they are finished fishing out the baby. Scary stuff.

Iím trying to get my motivation up to go to the gym this evening. I left all my gym stuff at home this morning, so I have to go there first and that is usually murder. As soon as I walk through the door I just donít want to leave again. I can do it. I can leave the comfy, comfy house and go to the gym and spend an hour on the elliptical. Arg. No, yay! I can do it! OK, not working yet.

Well, it is once again the end of the day.

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