2006-08-02 - 4:44 p.m.

When I first woke up this morning I thought it was Friday for a few moments. Ah the disappointment when I realized it was only Wednesday. We had a work BBQ, though, so that made things a bit better. I ate way too much at said BBQ. Arenít I supposed to be watching that? Oh well. Thatís my one for the week. That and the big olí chocolate bar I ate last night. Double oh well. Back to the elliptical with me.

Last night I stopped at Sloat Garden Center in a fit of pique and I bought a bunch of herb plants. Iíve had seeds Iíve been meaning to start for a while, but I just canít get things together enough, either I donít have what I need, or I donít have the time to figure out what each one needs, or I just get very frustrated with how much time has passed and put it off still longer, or I just get daunted by how much harder seeds are than the little plantlings. What I hate more than anything, though, is buying fresh herbs at the grocery, using the tiny bit I need from the bunch, because Iím just cooking for me, after all, and having the rest rot before I can use it. So, I bought the seedlings and some pots and took them home. They are now arranged along the windowsill over the sink next to my daisy plant and the amaryllis that will never die. I think those two may go outside pretty soon. Theyíre pretty established and hearty at this point and they just keep getting bigger and bigger. But I digress. They look so cheery and green and smell yummy and now when I need parsley or basil I can just go pull a few leaves off the plant instead of spending good money on a bundle Iíll just have to throw away. I have basil, parsley, rosemary, thyme, chives, and oregano. I may go back and get a cilantro plant as well, but I need to get these ones situated first. Iíve never had so many plants at the same time before. It makes me feel all grown up and domestic.

Project Runway is on tonight! I canít wait. I heard a possible spoiler for who gets kicked off, but nothing was set in stone certain, so I really want to see. All I really know is: I want Angela out. Girl stinks.

Iíve been having really weird, vivid dreams lately. There was one the other night where I met up with a friend of mine while walking down the street only to find out he had just been released from prison (?!) and had no idea where any of his things were since he didnít know where they were put after he was arrested. Just so strange. My brain is so morbid sometimes.

Tech work seems to be picking back up, which is good for the finances, but not so great for the free time. Iíve been asked to tech the SF Fringe Festival this year, which is very exciting. I am looking forward to that. Iíve also picked up a few dates at the Dance Space, which is also good. This is definitely coming at a good time. Not having a roommate has started getting pretty expensive, so the extra cash will come in handy. It will also be fun to work on some different kinds of pieces at Fringe.

All of this may mean having to skip a session or two at the dojo (a session is four weeks), and while thatís a bummer I really am at a place where I can train on my own when I need to. I donít like to do that for too long, because while I maintain what I know just fine I really donít advance at all. Well, itíll be ok. Sometimes we have to make choices in life, right?
Speaking of which, turns out the Giants had a day game today so I get to fight the game traffic on top of commute traffic to get out to the East Bay for class. I really donít like baseball season. Whoever schedules it is completely lame.

I am a bit cranky today, in case no one noticed. Not bad, I think itís mostly food coma from the BBQ, but I just really want to GO NOW. Plus the thought of running to freedom only to sit in traffic for over an hour sort of harshes my buzz, you know?

Anyway, itís about time to make that flight to freedom, so Iíll go now.

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