Crasher? I Barely Know 'Er!
2006-04-20 - 5:00 p.m.

Movie #11 is Wedding Crashers. Umm, spoiler alert, I guess, though I figure anyone who had any intention of seeing this movie has done so already, but who knows? So did every movie theater that showed this thing just end it after the first 45 minutes or so? That is the only way I can think of to justify all the raving reviews I heard about it. The beginning montage stuff was funny, the setup, etc. but once the plot actually got going? Lame. Lame, lame, lame, lame. There are bright spots, Vince Vaughn was entertaining and funny in a Swingers-but-not sort of way, and he did well with the dreck he was given, but overall blah. It was so disjointed and so much of it was pointless and things that I started out liking just went haywire and creepy. Like the whole tortured artist younger brother? Loved him up until the whole creepy sexual identity thing. Why couldnít he just be the bizarre tortured artist? That was funny! Where they went? So not funny. Oh, and no one should be allowed to shoot a scene where someone gets shot in the ass ever again. No, never again. For any reason. It is no longer funny. It stopped being funny in the 70s. Also, the boyfriend was so completely unlikable it really went beyond suspension of disbelief that that stupid girl would stick around with that skooze for two years, let alone even consider marrying him. He wasnít nice to anyone ever, at all. For that to work he needs to at least be able to be slick around her and her family. I swear the only thing he was missing was a moustache to twirl while he cackled over his diabolical plan. I know a lot of folks think this movie is the best thing ever, but as for last summer movies, Iíll take The 40-Year-Old Virgin over this one any day. Whatever. Moving on. Next!

So the CD player I used to take to the gym got stolen when my car got broken into in February. I havenít replaced it yet and I have been using a little radio I got at Walgreens since then. Itís actually really cute, itís shaped just like an ipod mini, but it just has an FM scanner and a clock in it and I paid $4.99 for it. The radio works great, though. It gets really good reception, even in the Presidio. Anyway, the point of this is that, while it is a good radio and lets me listen to the dance station that every one in SF listens to but that no one will admit to listening to, it still cost me less than $5. Iím not exactly protective of it. It is really funny to see the looks I get when Iím just throwing this thing around that looks, from a short distance, like a $200 piece of electronics. Everyone else in the room has their ipods in little armbands or attached to their waistbands wit the headphone threaded around to prevent snagging or choking and Iím sitting there going, ďHmm, can I get this to balance on the weight stack while I do eight reps?Ē (Radio falls on the floor) ďGuess notÖ Maybe on the knee restÖ Ē (Radio falls on the floor) ďHuh, that didnít work either.Ē See, this is why I should not have an ipod, because I donít honestly think if I had one I would really be all that much more careful with it. I do need to get new headphones for this one, though. They are the really old style ear buds and they make my ears hurt like hell. I must have really small ears or something because this is a continuing problem for me. Any other tiny-eared people out there with any suggestions?

I reorganized my closet and got rid of a lot of stuff. I also kept a lot of stuff. I was pretty brutal and unsentimental, but I still seem to have a lot more clothes than I actually wear. The thing is, I wear things enough that I canít just get rid of them, but it doesnít feel like I really wear them enough to justify them. I need the nice stuff for when I have to look nice (duh), but I only have to ďlook niceĒ maybe once every other month, and I like the cute going out stuff, even if I never really have time to go out wearing it, and I love my pretty sundresses, and it is almost summer, but I donít wear dresses much, I feel rather self conscious when I do. Iím trying to get over that, because I like the dresses and they are cute and not at all formal, but I always feel so ďdressed upĒ in them. Thatís the tomboy rearing her head, I guess. Maybe that should be a goal for me this summer: to get over my fear of casual dresses.

Weíre trying to get the new inventory program up and running right now. I think I first started talking about this a year ago. Yeah. Anyway, it is really frustrating right now because I have to do double entry on everything and the two programs are so very different that it is really messing with my brain. Especially the whole check in/ check out process. Iím sure the new program will be great the once I figure it out, but right now the minutiae are driving me nutso.

I really need to do laundry tonight. It is part of my big reorganization. That, and I havenít done laundry in over a month, so Iím sorta scraping the bottom of the barrel as far as clean clothes go. I also need to patch two pairs of jeans. I donít want to buy new ones right now, for several reasons, so I need to patch the ones I have to nurse them through a few more months. I was going to go to the gym this evening, but I think Iím going to do all of that instead and spend some time on my little home stepper during Supernatural or something. Damn, I am so exciting. How is there not a movie about my life?

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