Weekend and Stuff
2006-04-24 - 5:11 p.m.

Oh my I spent a lot of time working this weekend. Three shows and a strike for one company, a storage clean out for another, and school. I also went to a birthday party, a preview performance, and a wee bit of shopping. I crashed at about 9:30 Sunday night. I had intended to return a few phone calls, but Iím just going to have to do that tonight I guess because I just fell straight asleep.

Now Iím back starting another week. I think I have this weekend more or less free. I think Iím working concessions somewhere on Friday, but thatís it. Thank God. I do have class, but thatís ok.

I was thinking about taking a class during summer school, but now Iím thinking the better part of valor is to take the summer off and try to get ready to take more computer classes in the fall. I want to take some time to feel more comfortable with the material from my last Unix class before I take the next one. Yes, I am going to take the next one, and possibly another programming class. The one I really want to take isnít being offered, so I might have to take a harder one. Eeep. I also really need to get off my butt and get my portfolio together. I keep talking about it but I never really do anything and it is time to stop that and just get something done already. Especially now that I have a better grasp of Photoshop and layout, I should be able to work much more efficiently and it shouldnít be as hard as it was to get together what I already have. I need a new printer, though. Mine has just died. It refuses to print anything at all. I want to get an all-in-one this time so I can also have a scanner. Iíve needed one for a while, especially to get the photos for my portfolio in digital format, and since I now need a new printer as well, I might as well get both. It is actually about the same cost as my old printer was at this point. It is crazy how fast prices change on computer equipment.

Iíve signed on to be a board op on a show next month. Iím not really sure why, I really donít like board operating, but it sounded interesting and I could use the money. It is for someone whose work I respect, and he was flexible about the two days I couldnít be there, so I said ok. Itís a dance show so at least it should be a little different.

I had a lot of fun working on wigs this weekend. It was a fun show and the actors were pretty cool for the most part and the crew lead was a ton of fun. Iím not sure I really want to full on shift disciplines or anything, but Iím defiantly going to let the wig master know to give me a call if she needs someone again. I like being able to do lots of different things. Not only am I less likely to end up unemployed, but when I start to feel burned out on theater in general I can jump to a different department and it reminds me Iím not completely burned out on the medium in general, just with what I am currently working on. I think thatís the main reason Iím still able to live this life.

Speaking of burned out, in my first step to getting my portfolio together, tonight I am going to go to the gym then go home and get my theater resume together. I have been disgustingly lax on it lately and I need to get it together before I forget what I have done. My plan right now is to put together what pretty much amounts to a vita (a list of every single thing I have worked on ever) and save that, so when I want to send it out to a specific company I can edit and cut and paste in a way that tailors it to what they are going to be interested in without my having to create a whole new document every single time. I donít know how well this will work, but I figure Iíll give it a try. Iím also going to work on my other resume at the same time. The only thing is, Iím starting to notice more and more office-type companies donít want a resume; they want you to fill out a online application. Let me just say I do not like these. There is a lot less opportunity for you to be able to show how your skills are applicable to the job, even if the job titles donít specifically point to your experience. They just shoot me in the foot with my, um, unorthodox training and employment history. I understand why HR or hiring managers would like them, but they throw out people who might be perfect for a position, but just not traditionally lined up for it. If that makes any sense at all.

Oh, and by the way, MCI sucks. They were sending my bill to the wrong address for over a year even though I called SIX TIMES to tell them to change it. Then I finally said, screw it, if you canít figure out to send the bill to the same place the service is going, I donít want to do business with you, period. So I called to cancel the account. I had to do this twice. I thought it was all clear and straightened out, but I just went to check something out with my local phone service and they still had MCI listed as my long distance carrier. ARG! Now, realize we have not had long distance service since oh, Decemberish, so if they are still charging me and still not sending me the bill they are doing so without giving me the service they are charging me for. I just sent an email to their customer service address. Iím done using the phone. I want everything in writing from now on. Stupid customer fleecing, dirty accounting company. Hate.

OK, well, the end of the work day is again upon us so I am going to end here.

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