Here Comes the Sun
2006-04-17 - 5:23 p.m.

Happy day after Easter. Wanna know what the Easter Bunny brought me? A day with Sunshine! It is actually sunny here today, a little cold, but sunny and it doesnít look like the rain is coming back today. Yay! It also looks like it isnít going to rain again until Saturday! Of course the rain comes back just in time for the weekend, but Iím working a double show day that day, so itís ok. It should be cloudy but dry on Sunday and I only have one show that day, so, Woo hoo!

I had a really good day yesterday with a good show, a good dinner with my family, and an unexpected phone call. All in all, very nice indeed.

Tonight I have a meeting with a theater company. I donít really want to go. All of the people I usually hang out with at the meetings are not going to be there and Iím going to be the only tech person. I always feel ganged up on in that situation. Oh well. Someone has to go.

Iím working a lot this week, well potentially. Iím at least doing the day job Monday- Friday, then two shows on Saturday, one on Sunday, and the possibility of evening performances Tues- Friday, though itís unlikely. I guess the girl who is supposed to be taking the shifts has been a bit flakey in the past, so I told them if a situation comes up and theyíre short a body to give me a call. I think theyíll manage, though. This girl has already gotten into some crap for being unreliable, so I canít imagine she wouldnít shape up for the one week left on this run, but you never know. Itís kind of nice to be on call like this sometimes, I have to keep my calendar clear, so I canít book myself up with meetings and crap, so I either make pretty good money, or I am forced to have the evening off. It is pretty win-win. Iíll probably get to log a few good hours at the gym this week, at least.

Huh, considering Iíve been updating so rarely lately, youíd think Iíd have better material.

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