2005-05-25 - 4:58 p.m.

Iím in a really cranky pants sort of mood today. A friend of mine said something really hurtfull to me a few days ago and I know I need to talk to him about it, but I donít really want to. I hate confrontation and the last thing I want in my life right now is more drama. Gah. Things were so nice and peaceful for a split second there.

Iím also tired. I tried to get too many things done after work- and I did get quite a bit done, but that meant I started dinner way too late so I got to bed way too late and now I am tired. Luckily I have leftovers for tonight and all I really plan to do tonight is mop the kitchen floor. It is so gross right now and my roommate will be at dance class so I can just get it done really quick before she gets home. I donít like doing chores like mopping when other people are around. I donít know why, but it wiggs me out. I also need to mop the bathroom floor, and since Iíll have the mop out anyway, I may as well do that, too. Iíll make it shine like the top of the Chrystler Building. Sigh, itís a hard-knock life. Hee.

Iím actually talking about mopping my floors. This is THE MOST EXCITING DIARY ENTRY EVER!!!!!!!

Actually, this is an offshoot of other things, though. Iíve been doing a spring cleaning in my apartment and now that Iíve gotten started I want to just get everything done. The problem is that I havenít had a full day to just get everything done and over all at once, so it is taking forever. I did all of my laundry yesterday, and I sorted through my closet last week, now I need to go through everything on my desk, then get my theater stuff in something resembling order. I need to purge the bookshelves too. That is just getting rediculous. I also need to get all of my grown up paperwork type stuff in order. Itís all just in piles and I need to get everything sorted and placed in my file cabinet or taken over to my parentsí and shredded. Wow, still such an exciting entry. I hate being a grown up sometimes. There are so many boring things you have to deal with whether you want to or not.

I do feel very popular, though. I have 3 parties on Memorial Day. Yes, three! Well, the first is a seminar in Walnut Creek with the kickboxers. We are having our annual ďfighing with sticks in the parkĒ morning. Then, friends of mine are having a BBQ in Golden Gate Park, then another friend is having a party at her house. Yay! I get to be a party hopper! I never get to do that.

Itís almost time to go home. Yeah, MOST EXCITING ENTRY EVER.

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