It's Fun to Stay at the Y.M.C.A.
2005-02-15 - 4:15 p.m.

Itís been a few days since I put anything up here. I guess I really havenít had much that I wanted to talk about, so I am going to talk about something that I just began experiencing and am just now beginning to understand.

My roommate and I joined the YMCA recently. It is very nice and the people are very friendly, for the most part. There is one exception, the swimming pool locker room. Now, I realize there is a very complex set of etiquette and behavior rules surrounding locker room behavior, especially where women and swimming suits are involved, but I have never really had a problem navigating these waters (heh.) until now. At this Y there is a very structured way that everyone does things, and a pretty specific order to do them in. I, being new, did not realize this. I also have the added handicap, as it were, that my eyesight without my glasses is really, well, not good. The first time I went to the pool I went by myself as well, which didnít help matters, as I didnít have a partner in my faux pas. Now, you are supposed to shower before you go into the pool, pretty normal, but here there is this bizarre ritual that apparently everyone knows about but me. It seemed no matter what I did I kept getting these really weird looks like I was in the wrong place in the process or something. Not ďOh my GOD, what are you doing?Ē looks, but ďWhy on earth are you doing that here and now?Ē looks. Add to this the fact that I canít see details of any kind, so Iím already having trouble trying to figure out how the shower knobs and things like that work and I ended up being rather flummoxed by the whole experience. I think Iíve started to get it down, but it still confounds me. Iíve been swimming since I was a little kid, and Iíve swum at many different pools, including the ultra swish Golden Gate Tennis Club and Iíve never seen such strict implied protocol before. The really funny thing is that I only experience this at the pool, at the gym itís business as usual.

The other thing Iíve noticed down there, which is odd, is that they donít have any clocks on walls close to the pool. They have a lap clock, but not a real time clock. I, as I have said, cannot see across the room so the whole time I was there I had no idea what time it was. I had to ask the girl in the next lane to tell me. I canít believe Iím the only person with glasses to have ever set foot in that pool before. I think from here on out Iím going to have to wear my contacts with goggles. I donít hate doing that, exactly, but I usually end up with really dry eyes by the end of it. It isnít that much different from swimming in the chlorine without goggles anyway. Iím just always afraid Iím going to lose a contact in the pool. Theyíre disposable, but they still arenít cheap.

Well, I wonít have to worry about that for a little while, anyway. I have tech week next week, then a week off, then 3 weeks straight of tech. Iím going to be dead by the end of it. Eh, Iíll sleep when Iím dead. Iím really kind of over one show, though, and Iím kind of bummed about it. It is for Art, and I really like that show, but the company is pissing me off. The had a production meeting last week and didnít tell me about it, even though I have been calling and emailing everyone involved asking when it was going to happen. Next thing I know, Iím getting calls from the Stage Manager about moving tech dates and changing the cueing. When I found out about the meeting I kind of flipped out on her. I told her it was unacceptable to be having meetings and not even telling me about them. She then told me she thought it was a little weird, but that the director said I didnít need to be there because they werenít discussing lights, just sets, costumes, scheduling, you know, ALL THE THINGS THAT EFFECT THE LIGHTING. I was dumbfounded. Why would you not need a member of the design team at a meeting about the designs? I still need to talk to the director about this, but Iím not sure of the best way to go about it. This theater is getting a little wonky with its power structure and the director is getting a little temperamental. I donít want to make tech week any more hellish than it needs to be. I do need to talk to him about it, though, because it has become a trend this season that I am being pushed further and further out of the loop and I need to stop it. Anyway, I really stopped caring when the SM said, ďWell, anyway I think the current plot can just stay and weíll just need to hang some specials...Ē I almost screamed at her. Donít tell me how to design my show. So, yeah, this is really starting to suck and it is a little sad for me. I canít think about it too much, though, I have to get everything that comes before it in order first.

I also really need to get some work done, so Iím going to do that now.

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