Hiring Blues
2005-02-09 - 4:20 p.m.

Oooooooh, two posts in one day! Fancy.

In my setting up of the interview appointments I think I have figured out why Iím so nervous about doing this. I feel like Iím setting a bunch of people up for disappointment. I think we are definitely going to interview 8 or so people but we will only hire one. That means the potential for 7 really disappointed people. Now I realize that not everyone is going to be chomping at the bit to work here, but I remember how it was when I was unemployed and how I would go to the few interviews that I went on out of the hundreds of resumes I sent out and how I would hope beyond hope they would want meÖ kind of like the last kitten at the pet store. I also remember how disappointed I was when it didnít work out. I wasnít going to jump off a bridge or anything, but it still was not fun and I donít like making anyone else feel that either. It must be done, though, so I bravely forge aheadÖ stopping every few minutes to add a sentence to a journal entry to help put off the inevitable for a few more seconds. I keep hoping Iíll get answering machines so I can just say my little speech and hang up quickly.

My stupid keyboard tray is broken. Iíve fixed part of it already, but the little slide out tray where the mouse goes is starting to break off. I thought of just asking if I could get a new one, but I canít find one like mine in the Office Depot catalogue. Mine is really nifty because the wrist rest (say that 10 times fast) flips up and there is a little pencil tray inside. I keep quarters and chapstick in it, not pencils, but it is still nice to have. Itís also pretty sturdy and I can lean on it a little when I have to lean forward to read the computer monitor and continue typing at the same time. The ones that Iíve seen are a lot flimsier and wouldnít be able to handle that, I think. This poor little thing is just made of pretty cheap plastic, and it is already at least six years old, so Iím not sure how much more fixing it can handle, so Iím going to have to ask for a new one soon. I think Iíll try to fix this one one more time and then see what happens.

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