Project Runway Ra Ra Ra!
2005-02-23 - 4:52 p.m.

So, it is too late in the day for me to really start anything new, but there is enough time left that I canít really just tell everyone to bugger off and shut down early. I donít like it when this happens. I am glad the G.D. phone has finally stopped ringing, though. Ye gods it just wouldnít stop today. I also had every other department in the building walking in and dropping stuff on my desk so between answering all the calls and running interference for everyone else, the day was pretty hectic. (Uh oh, sports metaphor. I need to be careful of those; they turn you corporate, donít ya know.) Right now I am just enjoying the quiet.

Final episode of Project Runway! Yay Project Runway! I am so excited. Does it show? I canít wait to see Jayís line. I really like Kara Saun (sp?), but I sort of get the feeling I know her design style well enough to at least have an idea of what her stuff is going to look like. Iím not so sure with Jay. Wendy I couldnít give a happy ratís kazoo about. Iím pretty sure we will see lacing and asymmetry in her line, though. Anyone wanna take that bet? I didnít think so. Roommate and I are having a roomie date to watch the show. I have to stop by the store and pick up fixing for cosmos so we can have dinner and cocktails in front of the tv. Yay liquored up tv!

Iím not going to talk about my theater gigs because it is too traumatic now. Maybe in a few weeks when I can look back and laugh. Let me just put it this way: you shouldnít tell folks you are going to do a show until you have the rights, míkay? Yeah, moving on.

I was going to carry on a thing a friend started and tell you ten things Iíve done, but that will have to wait a little bit. Maybe I can do that later tonight while watching YAY Project Runway. Weíll see how ambitious I am.

I went to a yoga class at the (sing it with me) Y.M.C.A. on Pres. Day. It was a really good class. It was a flow class, so you spend very little time not in a pose. Kicked my butt. I would love to do it every week, but itís at 1 on Mondays. Blech. The same instructor does a slightly different class on Sundays at 1, though, so maybe I can try that one out. I was very impressed with myself for still being able to do a full bridge, though. My arms were a little shaky and I couldnít hold it for the length of time the rest of the folk did, but I got into the pose, dammit. Yay me.

I also finished book #3: The Namesake by Jhumpa Lahiri (I think I spelled her name right). Beautiful book. Nothing amazingly dramatic happens, but it is just the simple story of regular peopleís lives. I loved it and I recommend it to everyone. Go read it now. No, now. Iím almost done with book #4, but to really follow the rules Iíll wait to post that one until I am actually finished, not one chapter away from finished. I sure get a lot of reading done when Iím on running crew.

Well, I think I am going to lock up and go home now. Have a lovely nightÖand watch PROJECT RUNWAY Wooooooo!

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