Sleepy Pants
2005-01-28 - 4:43 p.m.

I am SO TIRED. I feel like Iím going to fall asleep at my desk right now. Iíve been getting home between 12:30 and 1:30am every night this week and getting up at 7 and it is taking its toll. I am going to sleep so much this weekend. I am also going to do laundry and clean up my room. Maybe Iíll read and watch TV in bed too. That will be nice.

I saw a very interesting thing at the 7-11 the other day. It is Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper. I know. Well, I was going to be spending all day at the theater and it was definitely a two soda day, so I figured Iíd give it a go. Itís not that bad. Very sweet, and I have no idea what kind of food you could eat with it where the tastes wouldnít completely clash, but not too bad. Iím not about to run out and buy 10 cases or anything, itís not like itís Diet Coke with Lime or anything, but every once and a while it could make for a nice change.

I think Iím going to turn on the radio here for a while. I think it will help keep me awake.

Iím supposed to go see a friend of mine play at a bar on Geary tonight. I donít know how I am going to make it. I will, though. Maybe I will only watch the second act of the show. I can take a nap during act 1. No one will notice, and, honestly, the show is as good as itís gonna get from my end here. Iím actually really happy with it. Itís definitely portfolio material, especially because all of the elements are there. The set looks beautiful and the costumes meld really well and the directing makes for some really nice stage pictures. Itíll look good. I have so many shows that arenít like that. I really like my work, and the actors look good, but the set is really shoddy or the costumes look like ass or they spend the whole show hugging the walls in the crazy shadow land, etc. I couldnít get all the double shadows off the walls on this one, but it still looks good.

So, I have turned on the radio and found a good song. Now I have found out that it is the ďlight rock donít offend anyoneĒ station but the phone keeps ringing so I havenít had a chance to change it. I feel like I work at Mervynís or something.

We have a customer, we will call them Dipshit Party Rentals. They suck so much. They always call at the last minute and ask for crazy amounts of stuff with no notice and make insane pricing demands. They are doing a party for the SAG awards and they sent me the order yesterday. They want to keep the gear for three weeks and only pay for one. They have, in the course of 36 hours revised the order 6 times. Each time they ask for something we donít have but the person on the phone doesnít even know what it is so it makes it rather hard to find substitute gear. Also, they get very upset when they call here and Iím on the other line, but when I call them with questions no one is at their desk and donít return my message for at least an hour. They are now claiming they returned some patterns that they bought from us with their rental by accident. We do not have them. They are not in our building. They donít believe me. Why? Because their driver says so and they canít find them in their shop so they have to be at ours. They are not., and furthermore, it is not my job to keep track of their shit. Iím busy keeping track of our shit. They have still called three times telling me they must be here. When I tell them yet again that they are not, they say, well, that is disturbing, like Iím supposed to fix it for them when they lost stuff that they own. How, exactly, is this my problem? GRRRRRRRR!
Wow, I really am cranky.

OK, going to only talk about good things now. Iím going to eat a good dinner tonight. Iíll take the extra time to go somewhere I can get real food that tastes good even if it means I get to the theater a little late. I think Iím also going to get ice cream. That makes everything better.

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