Friends and Lovers... OK, Just Friends
2005-01-31 - 12:11 p.m.

I went out with some friends of mine last night and I had so much fun. We met up at 6, which is usually pretty early for me, but it seemed like a good idea considering it was Sunday and all. It ended up being a fabulous idea. We were able to hang out for almost 5 hours, go through 6 pitchers of beer and still get home early enough to get a full nights sleep (ok, almost a full nights sleep) before work this morning. We are all so smart. I even had time to come home and eat pizza rolls with Roommate before bed. MmmmÖpizzarollsÖ

I also went to see another group of friends who have a band on Friday. They did so well! Coraline is a talented group, let me tell you. The night ended with audience participation, which is always fun, especially when the participation includes drums and cowbells and washboards and the drummerís mom on tambourine.

Iím very lucky to have such awesome people in my life and I really need to find more time for them. Working and building a portfolio is all fine and good, and it will require a lot of work, but I need to work on finding a better balance. I was happier this weekend than I have been in a long time and I think that really says something. I think I need to get down to LA very soon and visit the Dynamic Duo and their Amazing Squirmy. I havenít seen them a whole lot since they moved and I want to keep them in my life because good friends arenít easy to come by, and as I have said I need to make more of an effort to keep them around. I would also like to visit K and R (nifty nicknames to come later for these two) and their little one in Jackson. That should be simpler. I really need to get on that.

Oh, gosh, speaking of the Amazing Squirmy. I generally donít get all gooey over babies, but this really is one of the most darling babies ever. Iíve told Mama Duo that she is actually my baby and Iím just letting the DD watch her for a while. She is the happiest baby I have ever met and she is just so cute and squishy and squirmy and BIG! She keeps getting bigger and bigger so quickly. I think it helps that she has such rocking parents, too.

Well, Iíve sort of run out of steam on this one. I may post again later today if I think of something else.

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