This and That
2005-01-25 - 5:03 p.m.

Obnoxious Co-Worker has officially left the building. Which means I really am on my own at this point. Iím glad itís slow here.

It is rather slow right now and to amuse myself I have been googling my various friends and relations. It seems that names are like fashion, there isnít a single combination which hasnít been done multiple times. J I even tried my ex. Never try to google a person with the most common name ever imagined (or unimaginative, as the case my be.). It is nothing short of a frustrating goose chase that makes you feel even lamer than you did when you started. It killed some time, though, and I did find out he is no longer working for the same company as the last time I spoke to him.

Wow, I need a life.

I also found out there is a pretty neat woman with the same name as me who does a lot of cool stuff for battered women, helping them get their own legal identities and stopping their spouses from finding them through tax records and stuff.

Hell week is trudging along, but it really is turning into HELL week even more than I predicted. There is infighting and backbiting galore and Iím just sitting on the side going ďhey, just tell me the lights are pretty so I can go home.Ē I donít know if this company is going to hire me again next season or not. Iím starting to really not care. Also, looking at their potential season, I donít know if I WANT to tackle some of the crazy shit they want to do. The upside is that this show is looking really good. Iím very happy with it and it is definitely going in the portfolio. Even though the show is lame. But hey, they canít hear the dialogue from a photo. At least not yet.

God, Giggles thinks he is so damn funny, but he really is not.

Moving onÖ Iíve decided that Iím not going to do any shows between June and September. I am taking the summer season off. Iím going to do my best to even avoid being in pre-production for anything. Instead Iím going to enjoy my summer and try to get my head on straight as far as where I want to go from here, theater-wise. I also want to visit a friend or two and have some fun for once. I need a social life. Dating may not actually be such a horrible idea either. Iím not getting any younger. Iíve already lost quite a bit of my drinking tolerance and I have trouble staying out all night anymore and my looks wonít hold out forever. Got to strike while the iron isÖwellÖ lukewarm anyway. Heh.

Iíll have to watch my budget a little, but hey, since Obnoxious Co-worker has left, Iím getting a whopping $1.40/ hr raise. Whatever will I do will all that largesse?? Not to complain or look a gift horse in the mouth or anything, but they are basically moving me to a management type position here. Actually, right now, I am the department. I am the most profitable part of this company right now. $1.40? After 3 years? Whatever.

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