Ow, my Head
2006-02-17 - 4:37 p.m.

Iíve had a companion for the last couple of days. It is a headache. Itís comes along every morning, then hangs out for a few hours then goes away. Then, at some point during the day, just when I think all is well, it comes back. Last night was really bad. I ended up missing opening night because I just couldnít fathom sitting in a theater with that headache. Not to mention the party that follows. My cousin suggested a much quieter evening, so I took him up on that, which I think was the wise choice. I really want my little friend to set off on his own, though, and never return. I think it is part of this grand allergy thing that has settled into my sinuses lately. Joy.

I totally screwed up an order for this poor guy and now I am writing this while pondering how exactly Iím going to fix it. I hate it when I do something so blatantly stupid.

My car got broken into on Sunday. Not much was taken, more convenience stuff than expensive stuff, but still annoying. They took my work keys (Um, why??? There is no way to know what they go to.), my empty gym bag, three CDs, Fastrack box, and my ratty, nasty, smelly boxing gloves. They left the expensive sparring sticks and knives, but took the gross gloves. I am bummed, because even though I was planning to buy new gloves anyway, those were a little sentimental as they were my very first pair of gloves I got at my very first kickboxing class. Other than that, though, it is an inconvenience because I have to get new keys, gym bag, etc, but not a horrible loss (how awful!! My Spice Girls CD is gone!!) The only real destruction is that I have to get my window replaced. I have an appointment to do so this Saturday, so until then a piece of cardboard is taking its place. Just now, it started to rain. Hard. There is a piece of plastic over the cardboard, but I donít really know how much good thatís going to do. Yeah, my car just canít win right now.

There is one thing I wonder about, though. Apparently the idiot used his bare fist to break in the window since there is blood all over the door (not on the fabric, luckily, just the plastic.). Now, part of me thinks that in light of all of this DNA evidence spattered across my interior (thanks CSI!) I should go down and file a report and have them try to find the bastard who broke my window, as there is probably a pretty good chance they could. I mostly think, though, that this is just a waste of time. If this person is breaking into cars that pretty obviously have nothing of value in them chances are that a) all of my stuff, save the CDs, are in a landfill somewhere, and b) itís not like this guy is going to have the financial means to make good and c) the cops really do have bigger problems than a busted window and a pilfered Spice Girls CD. At the same time, I think on principle he should be caught. One of the reasons this guy breaks into cars is because he knows that unless a super computer or gold bars or 5 kilos of cocaine or something disappear nothing is going to happen to him. Chances are the person they stole everything from will just figure, ďOh well, it sucks, but what are you gonna do? Thatís what happens in a city,Ē and not even report it because the cops have bigger fish to fry than stupid petty thieves and filling out the reports are such a huge pain in the butt. It sucks. Youíre pretty much damned if you do and damned if you donít. So, anyway I get to take my soon-to-be-very-soggy car to the window place tomorrow morning and Iíll probably just leave it at that. Life is rather frustrating right now.

I think I figured out how to appease this customer in a way that wonít make my manager happy, but wonít be the death of the company either. Iím going to just go with it.

I am so ready for a long weekend. Granted, I have theater festival all three days, but thatís ok, if I only have ONE job a day, it is still a vacation. Wow, thatís sorta sad.

Well, I guess I should just post this and be done. Itís 4:30 and I only have one more call to make before I go home. Then I get to go out with my HSU friends and celebrate a birthday. Woohoo!

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