Work Nonsense
2007-11-07 - 2:43 p.m.

Oh my God, work is going crazy!! I have so much stuff piled on my desk and I have no idea where to start. Not to mention I keep getting IMs about packages stuck in customs and staff changes at recipient locations. Itís nuts. There is way too much for me to do today, especially since I have to leave right on time to get to rehearsal.

One thing that has been interesting this week is Iíve been consistently waking up before my alarm clock ever since Daylight Savings ended. This has never happened to me before. As a general rule, I have no internal alarm clock what-so-ever. I even have to set the alarm on weekends to stop myself from sleeping until 2 in the afternoon. But this week? *Ping!* Eyes open at 6:30am. I donít even have to be up until 7. Iíve been leaving early for work just because Iíve run out of stuff to do at the house. Iím hoping this keeps up, honestly; itís pretty nice to have a bit more time in the mornings and to not feel all groggy and gross.

Speaking of groggy and gross, though, I think Iím getting a cold. Iím hoping itís just allergies from working at the dusty theater every day for a week, but Iím still treating it like a cold since thatís really what it feels like. Iím taking my Emergen-C and Zicam (which is an annoying, expensive pain in the ass, by the way.) and my Sudafed. Iím also drinking so much water I have to pee every ten minutes (was that TMI?). Anyway, I donít want to get all crazy sick, so Iím trying to take care of myself. Right now itís just a stuffed up nose and Iím hoping it stays that way.

Well, I keep thinking I have more, but I donít, so Iím just going to stop now.

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