Emerging from a Sudafed Induced Haze
2007-01-16 - 3:30 p.m.

I have been very lax at updating lately. Mostly because every time I start an entry I end up deleting it because all I can talk about is the disgustingness that is my cold-that-refuses-to-die. Yes, the CTRTD is still going, but I think I may finally be on the downward slope (Knock wood, cross fingers, turn around and spit). I have had colds that have held on, and colds that jump on to the shirttails of other colds, but nothing has matched the CTRTD. Iíve already been to the doctor who said, yup itís a cold. Have fun. I was going to go back again this week, but since it does seem to have started to improve Iím going to wait a few days and then maybe make an appointment next week if things seem to get worse again. Mostly, Iíve just felt bad for my co-workers, making them listen to me sniffle and cough for over a month. At least at the warehouse I had my own little space where I could sniffle and blow my nose as much as I wanted without bothering anybody else. Not that I would trade, mind you, Iíve just always been self conscious about subjecting people to my sniffles and sneezes and now, unless I jump up and run to the bathroom every 45 seconds I have to deal with it in my cube.

Well, as I said, it is better and I actually was able to go out on Saturday. I saw the Killing My Lobster show with the Princess and some of her friends. I dragged BoyToy (preliminary nickname for the guy Iím dating, mostly just because he is younger than me.) along, figuring it was a good introduction into this crazy theater world he is going to end up being sucked into just by being in proximity to me. It was a fun, funny show, a few of the bits fell a little short of the mark, but overall it was good. The band was the best part, they kicked major booty. We laid low on Sunday, being bums until I had to head over to my parentís house for my dadís birthday dinner. That was fun as well. My mom made the best lemon cake. Monday was a holiday, so I slept and went to Trader Joeís. Thatís it. Wait, I also bought Sudafed. Do you know what it takes to buy Sudafed now? I had to go up to the Pharmasist, give her my name, birthdate, and driver's licence number, show her my ID, and sign for it. It would be easier to buy a gun. I'm surprised there wasn't a waiting period. I understand why they need to be more careful and I even understand why they keep it with the pharmasist now, but come on. There comes a time when you need to weigh the number of honest people with colds against the number of idiots making meth and realize the former is so much larger that it really is silly to make folks feel like druggy criminals becasue they want cold pills that ACTUALLY DO SOMETHING. OK, end rant.

Anyway, I think laying low all weekend is what finally helped my body turn the corner on the CTRTD.
As great and necessary as it was, though, I am now officially behind schedule on my next show. Not too badly, but I was supposed to have all of the floorplans done by today and I had Sunday afternoon and all day Monday cordoned off for that but it just didnít happen. My body refused. Itís better that I let myself get a wee bit behind and got (almost) healthy so I can actually be there for the build/tech/run, but it does mean I need to buckle down and get caught up so I donít end up with a domino effect. Iím doing a lot on this one and I need to not let procrastination get the better of me. I really need to keep the stress at bay as much as possible and stay on track so tech week doesnít become a raging nightmare of ill-preparedness. I also go straight into my next gig, so I donít want to start out behind on that one because I messed up on this one. Especially because my next one is a stage management gig on a real, grown up production, so itíll be more involved time-wise than my last few jobs.

I feel like there are things I should be doing right now at work, but I donít really know what they are. I think Iím pretty caught up so I can do a bit of the low priority stuff. I got spoiled over the weekend, though, and I just want to go home and curl up in a ball and watch TV until I fall asleepÖ and itís only 1:30 as I write this. Itís going to be a long afternoon. I just really hope Iím not forgetting anything.

I have this nifty little desk calendar, ďWild Words from Wild Women.Ē It has a little quote on it for every day of the year. A lot of them are really good, like January 8, which was ďThey say it is better to be poor and happy than rich and miserable, but how about a compromise like moderately rich and just moody?Ē (Princess Diana). Now, I donít expect all of them to be awesome, you have to come up with 365 of them after all, but todayís just doesnít make sense. It is: ďWas it me Botticelli imagined?Ē (Brigitte Bardot). What does that even mean? Does she think he was or is she honestly asking? Did someone else suggest that is the case? Also, why Botticelli? While his women were curvy none of them really looked like Bardot. I donít get it. Well, I get a new quote tomorrow and then I can forget this one ever existed.

I have had three cups of green tea today. I am determined to get rid of this cold once and for all. I have gotten another suggestion from a woman at work, but it sounds sort of silly so Iím going to wait until I try it to talk about it.

Well, even though I still have an hour and a half to go Iíll probably post this and try to find something productive to do. My nose feels better when Iím up and moving around anyway.

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