Happy New Year!
2007-01-02 - 1:07 a.m.

So, I suppose I should finally recap Christmas, seeing as we are past New Years. Christmas was nice, very quiet with very few people. Unusual for me as I have such a large family, but pretty much everyone stayed home this year. Well, except my sister, she was out of town for the first time. Anyway, I realize now that I have very little to say about it, it was a nice, uneventful holiday and thatís all there is to it.

New Years was equally uneventful. I was supposed to head up to Sonoma but I have the cold to end all colds and it is just not going away so I just curled up on the couch with junk food, movies, and root beer floats. I havenít ever spent New Years by myself, and while I donít think Iíll ever choose to do so it was nice to spend a couple of days doing nothing but recouping. It also means I can add a few final movies to the list so I can fail a little less miserably. So:

#32- Night at the Museum This is actually really cute. There are a lot of funny people doing their thing and it does manage to come together.

#33- Taladega Nights This was also very funny. Iím glad I rented it, you definitely donít need to see it in a theater to enjoy it.

#34- Clerks II I liked it, but Iím a Kevin Smith fan. Itís funny, if random (but thatís the whole thing behind the concept, no?) and Ben Affleck has a full on Fu Manchu, which is funny in and of its self.

#35- Match Point I havenít liked anything by Woody Allen for a while, a long while, so this was a very nice surprise. Itís a good suspense movie that I really did not figure out before the end. I recommend, definitely.

#36- Monster House I should have rented this one at Halloween instead of New Years. heh. I liked it, it was very clever and well done. Kinda scary, too. I donít know if I could have watch it when I was a little kid, but itís good now.

#37- Lady in the Water Well, Iím glad M. Night Shamalan has gotten over his need for ďmind blowingĒ twist ending and just told a story. I liked it, though it felt a bit rambling and disjointed at times.

#39- My Super Ex-Girlfriend Itís funny, and pretty good, but they generally went for the obvious joke instead of something original. Eddie Izzard is, as usual, the best part.

So, I fell twenty-one short of the goal. Funny how most years this would not have been a problem, but then the year I declare myself a challenge I end up never making it out to the movies. Oh well. I tried.

Tomorrow, back to work and on with normal life. As for normal life, well, it isnít serious or anything yet, but Iíve gone out on a few pretty good dates and, while I canít say I have a boyfriend or anything, I think itís safe to say I am dating someone. Heís really nice and very TALL. He works in my office in a different department, and while that gave me a bit of pause (Iíve had some nasty experiences dating at work), he wore me down and now weíll just have to see where it goes. I donít want to jinx anything, so Iím going to stop here.

I hope everyone had a great Christmas and a happy, more social New Years than I did.

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