Foiled Again!!
2006-12-04 - 5:18 p.m.

Well, the forum I regularly spit all my meaningless mind junk onto is down, and it makes me sad because there are some very lovely, smart, witty ladies (and gentleman) on there that I enjoy checking in with during the day. We are emailing back and forth right now, but it just isnít the same (whimper). I may need to take a screen shot of the error message and see if Shelbyís Dad can shed any light on whatís wrong, even if itís just for my own edification. Ooooh, I said edification and you didnít. Neener.

I need to finish up my Christmas cards. I may actually need to go get more, I might run out. My list is longer this year than in the past, but I like it that way. I love sending and receiving mail. I know I have a box of leftover cards from Christmases past, but Iím not sure where I put them. They may still be at my parentsí house for all I know. It would make it easier and cheaper if I could find them. We shall see. I also need to swing by the post office before they close and get some holiday stamps. I need stamps anyway, but I may as well get holiday ones for the cards.

I also need a manicure. Iíve been keeping it up myself but it may be time to spring for a professional one soon. It just looks a bit ratty and chips really quickly when I do it. My polish does, however, match my sweater today.

Now my stupid computer has stopped letting me copy CDs and I canít figure out how to get it going again. Another program has hijacked my burner and it isnít letting me have access to it but I canít close the other program! Stupid Windows. I never have this problem on my Mac. I can copy CD after CD until the cows come home and no sneaky programs come in to thwart my plans.

Anyway, This is a silly little entry, but I donít care.

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