I Feel Lame.
2006-12-12 - 11:44 a.m.

I actually wrote this yesterday but didn't get a chance to post it.

Iím having a very blah day. On of those ďcanít do anything rightĒ days. I havenít really done anything wrong, but Iím just stuck with this canít get it right feeling. Iím just out of sorts in general. My stomach is a bit upset, not sick, just not right, and while Iím not sleepy Iím still very tired. Basically just all out of sorts in general. I feel lame, in the elementary school playground sense of the word. I have little to no concentration as well, which is not helping anything; Iím working on a document and I just canít focus. It doesnít help that Iím really not sure how best to phrase what I want to say, so Iím a bit frustrated with it already and Iím supposed to have it done by the end of the day. I just want to go home and start today over. Get up on the other side of the bed.

The latest person I offered the room to turned me down this morning. Iím sort of glad. After I offered it to her I started to get a bit of a weird feeling about it, not so much that she was a psychopath or anything, she seems perfectly sane and very nice, more just that it wasnít a good fit. She must have felt it too, though, because she said no and saved me the trouble of trying to back out of the offer. This does mean, though, that I still donít have a roommate. I hope no one is expecting elaborate Christmas presents this year, because there is very little left over right now for things like prezzies.

I need to start my crafting right away, incidentally, if Iím going to have any kind of presents for anybody. Yes, itís a craftastic kind of holiday this year so donít be disappointed when you donít like your present, it was made with love by my own two hands. I think I actually came up with a good craft this year, at least, unlike a bunch of the ones I tried in the past which became fabulous failures. Like the tote bags made from crochet grocery bags? Yeah, quick and simple my ass. I made stuffed animals for the little tykes one year, and while they were quick and simple the supplies ended up costing a lot more than was expected. I think I still have the pattern, though, so that would cut down a lot if I decided to try again. Fur is expensive, though, even the fake kind. We shall see. I only have four little ones this year and two of them I donít need to have ready until I see them in January, so that isnít too bad. Well, so many of my friends have kids now, I could have a whole lot more little ones, but I have to draw the line this year. Only the close ones and the blood relatives. When I win the lottery itíll be X Boxes for everyone! Then Iíll be the coolest Auntie ever.

Iím going to a show tonight. Itíll be a lot of fun and I know when I get there Iíll be fine, I just wish I had a bit more energy right now. This week is going to be busy and even busier this weekend as I have a friend coming in from out of town that I havenít seen in years. We are going to have a great time, but I need to get some sleep in so I can spend a busy weekend and still make it through the week before Christmas without collapsing. At least most of my shows are reruns, so I donít need to worry about that. I have to say, though it has been rather comforting to watch them online before bed lately. I love that new development. Itís sort of like a Tivo that I donít pay for and canít skip through the commercials. There are still fewer commercial that the original airing, though, so Iím happy. Now if only CW would get their shit together so I can stop missing Gilmore Girls.

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