Movies and Theater
2006-01-30 - 4:52 p.m.

I have movies # 6 and 7. #6 is The Jerk with Steve Martin and directed by Carl Reiner (Iíve decided Iím going to put directors down from here out. It just seems more movie list-y and I need to start learning more of what directors do what anyway.) I might have seen this movie at some point when I was littler because parts of it seemed very familiar, but I canít say for sure. What I can say is it is funny. So very funny. Oh my. I want a dog named Shithead.

#7 is White Noise directed by Geoffrey Sax with Michael Keaton. Well, it actually is pretty creepy. The director did a good job of creating the atmosphere. The plot though, well, lets just say a Mac truck would have no trouble fitting through the holes. The ending created the term ďDeus ex Machina.Ē It was fun, though, if you didnít think about it. I actually was carried along no problem until the end. After it was over I started thinking, well, wait, if that works that way, then why is that happeningÖ this makes no sense!

I might go see another movie tonight after my production meeting. It would mean getting home a little later than is probably smart, but I have a movie pass that is about to expire and I would like to use it. Iím also thinking of seeing Nanny McPhee so as a kids movie it really doesnít log in too late. I should still be home by bedtime.

I sort of went on a spending spree yesterday. I went to Target and bought stuff that I needed, but at the same time couldíve waited a bit on. I also got a few things I did not need, but really wanted. I did talk myself out of the cheesy purple gauze canopy in the pre-teen bedroom section, so I did show some restraint. I didnít need the new CD walkman, but I bought it so I can keep one in my backpack and one in my gym bag. See? I now have one less reason to avoid the gym. I am now sitting in front of my brand new heater in my office. Yay. It was cheap and on sale too. That was the best purchase. The aforementioned backpack was something I realized I needed after class on Saturday when I was lugging around two scripts and three textbooks (I printed out all the handouts for my online class and put them in a binder, effectively creating a textbook. I hate reading stuff off the computer screen.) in a shopping bag. I was soooo not the coolest kid on campus. My backpack I had in undergrad has literally dissolved. The leather on the bottom was one giant mass of gaff tape and staples. I had to let it go. My new one is a pretty berry color and has lots of pockets, including one that I think will hold a c-wrench perfectly. I think I got a good price, too. I might have been able to pay a little less at Costco, but not much.

Well, as thrilling as that above paragraph is, I think itís time to move on. A friend of mine had the opening night for her play on Saturday. Due to crazy, stupid a technical error, which has caused Luxor Cabs to be dead to me from this day forward, I made it in time for intermission. Luckily I had already seen Act 1 in an earlier production, but I was still bummed. Fortunately, my friend is very funny, so I laughed heartily the once I was there. The show is called Take Me for a Ride, Cute Girl and if you are in the area you should see it. Tickets are $10, the same as a movie!

Today has gone much more quickly than usual. I feel like I didnít really get anything done. The thing is, I feel like I have been working, I donít know how I got so little finished. I am rather spacey today, Iíve got an awful lot swimming around in my noggin right now that I canít really write about yet and I think itís slowing me down more than I realize. Funny how seemingly little things can have such a big impact and you donít even really notice. Iíve also been having crazy dreams, which makes me sort of addled in the morning- though Iíll take them over insomnia any day, brain! Donít get any crazy ideas there! I think thatís just the stuff swimming around while I sleep, so Iím trying to just roll with it for now and hope maybe my sleeping self can come up with a few solutions.

Anyway, itís almost lock up time and I really want to get a few things wrapped up before I go.

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