Late Breaking News
2006-01-26 - 4:54 p.m.

Well, I just got a call from my roommate. It seems she might be moving out soon. Nothing is for certain yet, but it seems pretty likely. Damn, there really couldnít be a worse time for me, schedule wise. How am I supposed to interview new roommates while working two shows and trying not to fail my Unix class while working 40 hours a week? Arg. Not to mention February isnít exactly prime roommate seeking month. Part of me wants to just say screw it and try to find a new place, ideally somewhere I could afford on my own. Unfortunately, that is not very likely. The few places that are within my price range and not in the middle of the nasty parts of town are all ďJunior StudiosĒ which means they donít have a kitchen and are maybe 8x8 total. I just canít do that. Again, not prime cheap apartment seeking season either. May is much better, when all the college kids are moving out after graduation.

I keep telling myself there is nothing I can do about it right now and nothing is certain anyway, so I just need to stop worrying. Far easier said than done, Iím afraid. Iím sure after it sinks in for 24 hours or so Iíll be ok, but for now Iím a little freaked about what Iím going to do here. There could be no issue at all if it ends up not panning out for roommate, though if itís really what she wants, I hope it does work. Though I sort of wish it had worked out in May instead.

All of my muscles hurt. Iíve been a good girl and gone to kickboxing and the gym this week. I donít think my body is used to it. In fact I know it isnít. Itís funny, because in some ways the Monday class is harder because the concepts are more advanced, but the Wednesday class is much more physically demanding.

When I get all worked up I just want to eat candy. I really want to go buy some right now, but Iím trying to be good and Iím planning to go out to dinner tonight, so I really shouldnít. Especially because I just want it because of the stress, not because Iím actually hungry or really craving it. Why is it so hard to be healthy?

Fuck it. Iím eating the damn candy.

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