2006-01-17 - 4:31 p.m.

The car is getting new breaks. This is a good thing, but why does stuff like this cost so much? Sigh. At least I’m not going through what I went through with my old car where you really had no idea when the breaks needed changing, you sorta had to guess, and I guessed wrong and had to have my rotors returned and all sorts of other parts replaced because I didn’t know I had metal rubbing against metal for god only knows how long. The new car has a nice, well, not nice, obnoxious, really, squeak that let me know the pads were done. I’m so paranoid now, though, that when I heard the sound on Friday I started to freak out because it was a holiday weekend and I had to drive quite a bit during it and there was no way to get it in until TUESDAY!! My co-worker talked me down from the ledge on that one. He told me it was fine to wait until Tuesday.

I forgot to eat dinner last night. I went to a Karate class that went pretty late and I just came home and crawled into bed afterward. Then I had to get up super early so I could drop off the car and catch the bus with out being too late. So I woke up starving but didn’t have time to eat anything. I have been ravenously eating everything ever since. A bagel from Starbucks next to the mechanic, chai latte, Muffin from the break truck, two big things of water, some carrots and celery I had leftover from yesterday, basically I have more than made up for dinner and then some but I am still so very hungry. Lunch is soon, but I need to make sure I don’t eat so much that I make myself feel sick.

My first day of school is tomorrow! I’m getting excited. And nervous. I haven’t gone “to school” for a while and it suddenly seems a bit imposing. It looks like I don’t need to buy any textbooks, so that’s helpful (Though I have a feeling “Unix for Dummies” is in my near future.). I hope I can do the online homework. They haven’t made it all that clear what you need to have software wise, so I’m really hoping that if I don’t have what they need there is a computer lab that does or that whatever it is is super cheap and won’t make my hard drive useless for anything else. I also need to get my portfolio in a little better shape. Most of the classes I want to take from here on out have things like “Drawing 1” or “Intro to Design” as prerequisites. I am sorry; I am not taking basic drawing and layout classes at this point. I figure if I get together some of my drawing and pull a few pages from my theater portfolio that should be more than enough to get them waved. I’ll put together the shots from Cuckoo’s nest for layout stuff as well as rendering. Hell, the simple fact that I HAVE a portfolio should get them waved.

Well, the car is going to be done on time so I can pick it up tonight. Of course, since I have to take the bus to the repair shop it started to rain about 20 minutes ago. Arg.

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