The Art of Memory
2006-01-10 - 12:23 p.m.

I know Iím forgetting about something I have to do today, but for the life of me I donít remember what it is. Iím hoping by stopping and writing something completely different for a few minutes it will help me remember.

We are up and running for the One Act festival. Most of the plays are in rehearsal and we had our big company meeting last night. I am going to be so very, very busy from now until March. This happens every year. I try to keep the spring mellow, but it just doesnít happen. Thatís part of why I didnít really actively pursuer work for the last couple months. This way I am much better rested than I was last year so it should be at least a little bit easier this year. I have also switched around my kickboxing classes. Unfortunately I have added the graphics classes, so that isnít great. It is important, though, so Iím really just planning to suck it up and make it work. Iím not getting overextended with the festival this year, though, which is an accomplishment. I have a tendency to just keep volunteering to help with things because each individual thing doesnít seem so big, but put all of it together and it becomes huge. The only thing I am doing other than my tech stuff is helping with the lobby. It looked so much better when we redecorated last time; I just want to do it again for personal satisfaction. I already went to Target after Christmas and bought some new fairy lights when they were on super-duper post-holiday clearance.

I got my SM book/ Design script together before the meeting last night. Thatís always the first step to make it feel like it has really begun. I need to do the same for the High School Musical. That one is going to require some major creative problem solving, so I want to get started early.

Dangit, I still canít remember.

I have two more movies to add.

Movie #3 is Elf. I rented this over the weekend and I need to return it tonight, actually. I never saw it when it first came out, but it is cute. The only thing is it feels like it wants to be longer. It logs in at about 90 minutes, but it would have been a better movie if it was 2 hours. I donít often say that.

Movie #4 is The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. I liked it. I sort of wish there had been a bit more time between when I read the book and saw the movie, because every little change glared out at me, but I liked it. Peter and Susan were rather stiff and Edmund started out a bit brattier than I interpreted him in the book (I think thatís a detriment because there is less of a change after the Turkish Delight if heís already too much of a snot.) but not disturbingly so. I liked the movie Lucy better than the book Lucy, so that was good. I thought the effects folks did a good job with the various creatures et al. The Witch was great. She had that whole cold countenance masking all of her inner thoughts but still letting the audience know they were there thing going on.

I should get back and figure out what Iím forgetting. Arg. I hate having a cold. My entire brain turns to useless mush.

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