I Got Your Registration RIGHT HERE
2005-12-29 - 2:04 p.m.

Who knew a stupid little sticker could cause so many problems? Apparently, some dickwad stole my registration sticker. I do not know exactly when, but Iím assuming sometime just before Thanksgiving. Iím assuming this because I found out it was missing the day after Thanksgiving when CHP pulled me over on the Bay Bridge. It sucks being pulled over on the bridge, by the way. The officer was actually pretty nice and just checked my registration and then told me to just get it replaced as soon as I could. OK, no problem. I am now waiting for the new ones to arrive. I have been pulled over four times since then. That is just over once a week. Not all of the officers have been as nice as the first one. One was, he was the second one and he actually told me what I need to do to get the new sticker. The others, not so much. When I explain the situation and that I am just waiting for the DMV to send me a new sticker two of the officers acted like I totally put them out. Well, Iím sorry, but well, the postal service canít just I-dream-of-Jeannie things to my door, especially right now when it is their busiest time of the year. It is also rather busy and financially strapped for me as well, so taking time off work to just chill at the DMV for a couple hours so I could get the sticker right now is really not an option. Again, so sorry. But, then again, you are the one who pulled me out of traffic and now expect me to go from a full stop and merge in with folks going 75mph in about 75 feet, so, yeah, can the attitude, slappy, it isnít my fault stupid people steal stickers. Iíve done what I was supposed to. Arg. I understand they are just doing their jobs, but why is it that every single officer on the roads is noticing that I donít have the freaking sticker right now. I see other folks without their sticker. Pull them over next time. Iíve had my turn.

I finished The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe last night and I feel like I should be writing about it, but I finished the 50 books. Oh well, this is 51. There is no way Iím getting through my current book before the end of the year, so I wonít be able to claim 52 in 52, but thatís ok, I still made the goal. Right now Iím reading The Fabric of the Cosmos a book I actually put off a bit this year because I knew it was too thick and dense to try to get done with the list looming over my head.

The boss is taking everyone out for lunch today so we are closing early. It is very exciting. Iím actually looking forward to it. As much as I complain, I work with good people and it will be fun to spend some time with them away from here. We are also going somewhere we can get margaritas, so that is good, too. The only small catch is I am driving over, so I need to be a bit careful as the DD.

Only a half hour left! I get to say that and itís only 1:30. Why canít we have Christmas and New Years every two weeks? Well, why canít we have holiday hours every two weeks, anyway.

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