First Entry of the Year
2006-01-04 - 4:48 p.m.

There are a whole lot of year-end thingies floating around out there in the internets. I feel like I should be doing one as well, but I donít really want to. I am so bad at remembering when things happened. I can never remember what year anything happened in. I have actually had to go back and date my yahoo calendar retroactively so I can remember when shows Iíve worked on opened so I can actually write an accurate resume. So, now I try to look back on the past year and I keep thinking, ďOh, yeah, that was a lot of funÖ wait, was that this March or last March? Am I really sure it was March? UmmmÖ Damn.Ē

SO, Iíll just look ahead. Iíve registered to go back to school. This means every Saturday for the next 4 Ĺ months I have to get up at 8am to make my 9am class. I get to spend 4 Ĺ hours in front of a computer learning about graphic design. Yeah. Iím also taking a short term online class Iíll have to fit in there at some point, but that shouldnít be too hard. Basically I decided a couple months ago I need to expand my skill set. Wow, that sounds like ďblah blah, corporate nonsense speak, blah.Ē Anyway, I want to see what else there is for me to do out there in this large arts and entertainment realm. I really decided I wanted to take a couple classes in November, but I canít afford the private schools and City College starts up next week, so there we go. Iím dipping my feet into the land of computer-generated images and seeing how I like it. It may go somewhere it may not. It may just be something to distract me for a couple of months. Only time will tell. I may be a chicken shit and take these classes Credit/ No Credit because I may want to go to graduates school someday and if I bomb on these classes I donít want them ruining my halfway decent GPA. I am 28 years old and I am still worried about my GPA from 1996.

The only thing I am really worried about is that because these are Saturday classes it may interfere with some of my Load ins, etc. The High School is the only one Iím really worried about, though. Thatís the other reason I may take this C/NC, because it will probably hurt my grades if I have to leave early for stuff like that. I havenít told my director over there that Iím doing this yet, but I really need to do something to create momentum for this, so having things suck for a few weeks may be the price. So far I donít have to buy any books for either of my classes. This can be very good or very bad. Iím not really surprised for the online one, it seems most of the content could be kept online, but Iím not sure about the other one. I generally do better if I have a book to refer back to when I canít remember the particulars from lecture.

I am very sleepy even though I slept a lot last night. My brain doesnít want to work. Iím tempted to walk over to Shell and get a soda, but I donít know if I really need any more caffeine today. Such dilemmas I have in my life.

So, to take the place of the 50 book challenge, eviltwinii and talkinnsmak suggested the 60 movie challenge. I think Iím up for it. Iím going to make up the rules for myself right now. OK, movies in the theater obviously count. Videos count, though videos of TV shows obviously donít count. Made for TV Lifetime crap does not count. I donít want to encourage those people. Iím not sure if feature films edited within an inch of their lives for network TV count. Iím thinking no, especially if Iíve seen it 50 times and itís on TNT twelve times a day (When Harry Met Sally, Iím looking at you.). HBO etc. does count, though. OK, here we go. The 60-movie challenge of 2006 has officially begun.

ÖExcept I havenít seen a movie yet. Well, soon enough.

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