Burning Down The House
2005-11-23 - 4:21 p.m.

As we are approaching a long weekend I went out for a little drinky drinky with a couple of friends of mine last night. As we were sitting at the table drinking cheap beer and waiting for a few others to show we suddenly hear, “Um, the bar is on fire.” We turn and the bartender opens the back office and all we see is a ball of flames. Think Backdraft. It was surreal. It’s strange how people can react to these things. Everyone stayed very calm even though there were quite a few people in the room and everyone just picked up their jackets and walked outside. Again, it was surreal. Folks were almost too calm. I guess all those fire drills they have in Elementary school really work. We flagged down a police car while a couple people called 911 and others rang the doorbells of the tenants living upstairs. It all felt so civilized. Meanwhile smoke is pouring out of the bar and the video store next door. When the fire trucks showed up they overshot by a couple of doors and everyone on the sidewalk (now across the street) were calling to them “No! Over here! Save the bar!” They did their awesome fireman thing and put out the blaze. Go SFFD! It seems that it was in a breezeway out back of the bar and video store and while the back office of the bar was destroyed, the rest of the building was ok. I don’t know about the video store, but it looked about the same form the outside. The important thing was that it was noticed in time and everyone got out safe and sound. So, everyone send your good thoughts to Trax.

Yeah, so I ended up staying out much later than planed (interesting, seeing as the bar closed unusually early.) since no one else had to work today so they weren’t looking at the clocks and I lost track of time too, so I had to go to my evil job that doesn’t give me Wednesday off on about four and a half hours sleep. My ass is dragging. I was going to go to the movies tonight, but I might just go home and curl up in bed and stay there until tomorrow.

I’m doing the family thing tomorrow. It should be nice, not too many people. My family is ridiculously large, but not all of them will be there, so it should be relatively calm. My mom already told me I could do my laundry in the morning over there so I am stoked about that. I don’t think my mom understood quite what she was offering. I think I have about six loads in my room right now.

Only 45 minutes left today. Arg. Must. Push. Through.

Well, Happy Thanksgiving all. Have a good day doing whatever makes you happy and thankful.

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