I Need Some Assistance, Gromit
2005-10-16 - 12:46 a.m.

I saw the Wallace and Gromit movie tonight. I loved it. I love Wallace and Gromit. In fact, I want to take Gromit home with me. I must be more stressed out than I thought, though. Stupid movie made me cry. I donít want to ruin anything for anyone, but there was something that happened to Gromit that would normally not trigger the waterworks, but tonight, I lost it. It wasnít even that big a deal in the plot. There were a few other things in the movie that touched on something that scared me earlier today too, so Iím sure that didnít help, but that was periphery in my messed up brain, not a negative comment on the movie AT ALL. The movie is great. Go see it right now. Oh well. I had a rough day.

Something happened today at work that really freaked me the fuck out, but I donít know if it is really politic of me to post it on the Internet. In the off chance someone found it who shouldnít I wouldnít want anyone to get in trouble or for it to turn into a federal case or anything. Maybe Iíll type it out then lock it. I donít know. This is the worst part about the Internet, no idea who can find this stuff by accident then use it against you. Am I becoming paranoid?

Hmmm, according to Word, Internet should be capitalized. I donít know about that.

Anyway, to make a long story brief and to the point, I could have gotten really, really hurt today or someone I was working with could have been hurt just as bad, but I didnít and neither did he. Iím totally ok, and so is everyone else, but it did freak me out a lot. One thing Iíve learned about myself, though, is that when something like this happens, I usually stay pretty calm, which is a good thing for getting through the situation in the moment, but I never let myself just freak out after the situation has passed and get it over with so I can just get on with things. Sometimes I laugh (I have a problem with the nervous laughter. It is my main reaction to things and it can easily be misinterpreted) or Iíll joke about it a little bit then keep going. Next thing I know itís five hours (or a day or a week) later and Iím having nightmares or I just start crying at something completely unrelated. It doesnít help that my job can be rather dangerous; I mean, Iím not underwater welding or crab fishing in Alaska or anything, but electrics, while significantly safer than many jobs, has its share of dangers. Um, please no one ever repeat that sentence to my motherÖ seriously. Anyway, the point is I hold all the nerves and stress from the freak out situation in and then they pop out at something not at all related and often out of proportion to the situation. I wish I could find a happy medium; be able to stay calm and deal with what is happening, but not carry it around for however long afterwards.

Well, it is very late now and I need to get some sleep.

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