Stop Thief!
2005-10-18 - 5:26 p.m.

Have you ever had a dream that was so real and vivid that when you woke up your body felt like you hadnít slept at all? Yeah, thatís how I feel. Itís also all dark and overcast today so I donít feel like I ever really got out of that just woke up, not quite functional phase of the morning. I have many things I need to do today too. Iím such a baby sometimes.

Something I donít understand about the American public. They will freak out completely about giving us their Drivers License #, which is public information, and donít want to fax copies of their credit cards to us for verification because they are afraid of identity theft, yet they will send all of their credit card information on a post it with someone not at all related to them and expect us to let this stranger pay for something with their credit card without anyone here being at all suspicious about it. Then, they get rather upset when we call them and tell them we do not like to take cards we cannot get an authorized signature on. Their response? ďWell, canít I just tell you over the phone itís ok?Ē Sure, the once I get the universal voice recognition installed and can make sure it is actually the person who owns the card on the phone and not some random skeeve just saying they are that person. Then they get pissed, even though it is really no skin off my nose if someone steals their credit card, Iím actually trying to protect them, but whatever.

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