2005-04-22 - 3:46 p.m.

Book #9 finished! It is Freakonomics by Steven Levitt and Stephen Dubner. This book should be required reading for everyone in the world. Not so much for what it says specifically, but for what it shows about how economics affects us in our daily lives and what ďeconomicsĒ really is. Basically, the way they put it is, ďMorality is how we want the world to work; economics is how is does work.Ē It also helps to show that the facts are not always what they seem and while there are often rather simple answers for the way things are, they are simple, but not obvious and quite often they really wonít make anyone, liberal or conservative, very comfortable. Steven Levitt is one of the most brilliant minds in economics today but he is also very readable (Iím sure the other Stephen helped with that a lot) so it doesnít feel textbook-ish. He uses his knowledge to answer practical questions like ďWhy did the crime rate really drop in the1990s?Ē Hint: it isnít really what you think and it didnít happen in the Ď90s. (Yes, I am a super huge dork who should have never left school. Why do you ask?) Itís also a nice, quick read, which made me happy because I just canít handle another Anna Karenina right now.

I have my last load in before my summer break tomorrow. The Tech Director and I have been talking about turning it into a slumber party and just taking our time with everything and staying there until tech Sunday afternoon. I think it will be fun. FabTD and I get along really well and there is a chance this will be the last time we work together for a while. It kinda bums me out, but thatís ok. Things are always changing and morphing and I need to just learn to roll with that. Besides, we are still going to be friends after we are both long done with this theater.

Iíve been having trouble sleeping lately and I donít really know why. Iím tired but I just canít fall asleep. I end up staying awake way too long reading or watching tv or whatever because I just canít fall asleep. I hate that. Then, surprise, surprise, Iím exhausted in the morning because I didnít, say it with me now, get enough sleep. Grrr.

So, I found out there is going to be a retirement party for some of my former professors next month. Iím pondering whether or not to go. Part of me thinks it would be fun as well as a good idea, since it will let me get a little extra face time in with these people in case I need to ask them for letters of recommendation should I ever get off my ass and decide to go to Grad School (that is capitalized to help show the scaaariness of the idea). Another part of me really just thinks it would be a whole lot o driving for not much else. It would be nice to see the town again, and a couple of my profs, but, while I was really involved while I was there, I donít feel any real tie to the place anymore. Also, Iím not sure who else will be there and if I really wan to see them or not. There are a few folk I definitely DO NOT want to see, but the change of them being there is really quite slim. Maybe Iíll ask some of the other folk I went to school with around here if they are going and maybe make a road trip of it. That could be much more fun. Anyway, I may just play this one by ear and see how it goes. I donít know. It would be an interesting way to start the Summer of No Theater.

Anyway, Iím just sort of stalling now. I have things I need to finish before the weekend, so I really should get on that. Blah, that isnít exciting at all. (Pout)

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