Copycat Entry
2005-04-25 - 3:59 p.m.

So, I want to write an entry but I canít think of anything to say, so I am blatantly going to steal a topic from someone else. The topic question was:

How much does your life[style] mean to you? Could you pack a single suitcase, get on a plane, bus, or train, and move to a new city in the middle of the night if you could afford to do so, if you had somewhere to go? Could you leave without good-byes, without a forwarding address? Do you own too many things of value (sentimental or monetary) and meaning to pack into a suitcase?

This is a good question and I thought I would answer it too, so thanks for the idea loan, bohemianlife!

Anyway, I am really attached to my stuff, but I think my larger issue would be that I get very attached to people and places. It would be a million times hard to leave my apartment, my family, and my friends, let alone to leave without saying goodbye, than it would be to leave my stuff behind. Granted, that would be hard too. Iím a packrat and I like having things, but ultimately I do know they are all transitory and if everything disappeared tomorrow I would be sad, but I would be ok. I would miss my bed, I really like my bed, and my photos, and replacing all of my design stuff would be a royal pain in the ass, but if I could put the really important stuff (heirlooms etc.) in a suitcase and save that stuff, I would be ok

As I said, though, the leaving part would be almost impossible. As it is there is the possibility of moving somewhere else in the gloomy, misty, undefined future and that makes me unhappy just contemplating it. I really like being close to my family and I rely on them a lot. I also cannot think what I would do right now if something happened to one of my grandparents, or someone, and I was too far away to help. Logically I know that I donít have to take complete responsibility for everyone in my life, but emotionally, thatís a different story. I am also ridiculously attached to my apartment, considering I donít own it. I feel like where I am now is Home and so it would be hard for me to just leave. I would also be very paranoid about leaving without forwarding my mail, etc, because I am neurotic.

Obviously, were there an emergency, the city was destroyed, Biggest Earthquake Ever, the aliens invade kind of thing I could do what I had to do to survive, but so can everyone. This question is more, should nothing else change, could you pick up and leave on a whim. I guess the answer is yes, but I have absolutely no desire to. I am a nester, when it comes down to it, and I have nested where I am and donít really want to start over without a very good reason for doing so.

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