This Entry is Like A Box of Chocolates...
2005-04-12 - 8:03 p.m.

Well, sad to say, Minion is gone. Iím sad about that, but it is for the best. He had a lot of crap going on that he thought would stay on the periphery of his life that was just not doing so and Iím glad he figured out that this job wasnít going to be a good fit now rather than 6 months from now when he was completely toast. Thatís what probationary periods are for; but I liked him, so Iím sad he left. Iím now on the hunt for Minion 2.0: bigger, stronger, faster agent. We have the technologyÖ well, we have a bunch of resumes from Craigslist, but thatís almost as good, right? I had an interview with a guy yesterday and he seemed pretty reliable and interested. He even showed up early for his interview. Heís mostly Rock and Roll, but thatís closer than what we do than most of the film folk who come in here. There is one other person we really want to see, and then we may go through the resumes again and see if we missed anything, but itís sort of hard to find people with decent office skills and at least a basic knowledge of our gear. Harder than I thought it would be, anyway.

Hmmm, well, Iím not really sure I should put this on the internet, but hey, if it pisses someone off Iíll just pull it. My sister, who is a very good person that I love a lot, just got her driverís license back after her second DUI less than a month ago, and Friday she was driving to school when she was hitÖby a beer truck. She is perfectly fine, a little sore, but nothing permanent, but the car is totaled. He hit her form the side and pushed the car through a fence. Yes, through the fence, not into. As I said, though, she is fine, which is why Iím allowing myself to see the sit-comesque humor in this. Of all things, a beer truck hits her. I think the cosmos may be trying to tell someone something. That, or my sister has a guardian angel with a sick sense of humor. Granted, that would be most of my family (proven by this entry here), living or dead, so that is entirely possible.

You know, itís probably because of the movie, but I feel like Iím being bombarded by The Hitchhikerís Guide to the Universe lately. Iíve never read it, and I really seem to be in the minority. It makes me feel like I should put it on my book list, and I probably should read it before I see the movie, but I donít know. I hear itís very good, and I donít discount that, but when there is something that I ďshouldĒ read because itís just so damn awesome, I know it isnít going to live up to it. I call it ďForrest Gump Syndrome.Ē I didnít see that movie right away when it came out, I donít remember why, but after hearing for 6 months or so how completely awesome it was and that it was a 20th Century Masterpiece, blah, blah I figured I should see it. I didnít really think it was that great. I mean, it was good, I enjoyed it, but it was NOTHING like what it was being made out to be. People were talking like it was the first movie to ever use a rock soundtrack (um, sorry, Easy Rider gets that honor.) or itís the first one to ever track the times a person lived through (I canít think of another one off the top of my head, but I know itís been done.) and that just isnít true. It may have done it better than most, but it wasnít as revolutionary as people were making it out to be. So, Forest Gump Syndrome is when media and popular hype so outpace the product there is no way it can live up to expectations. That happens a lot to me and I think it will happen this time too, especially because Iím not really in a Sci-Fi kinda mood right now (ďbut, itís really not aÖĒ I know, but itís close enough for my mindset.). So, Iím a little torn. I think Iíll see if I can find a copy used and cheap at Green Apple or something and just let it float around the house until the mood strikes me. Iíll probably end up reading it in bits and spurts and thatís ok. I have a couple of plane rides coming up and I think this will be just the thing for those.

Anyhoo, I think itís time for me to finish this, as I have run out of things to say.

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