Nightmares and Dreamscapes
2005-02-09 - 11:09 a.m.

I had all these really bizarre nightmares last night, all of them about work. Well, about the building, anyway. In one of them the building was crawling with these nasty worm bugs and other nasty creepy crawlies (Oh, for those of you that donít know, I really donít like bugs. Especially if they can fly. Spiders Iím ok with and ants are obnoxious, but Iím used to them, but other bugs, especially big ones and flying ones squick me out big time. Even house flies, if they catch me by surprise.) They were coming out of the desks and everything. Yeech, Iím still bothered by that one. Then I dreamed the building fell down. There was another one where the building was empty, only it wasnít actually this building, but in the dream it was, you know what I mean, and I couldnít find a single person anywhere. Now Iím sitting here all dazed and confused because of the craptastic sleep I got with all the tossing and nightmareing and waking up and not wanting to go back to sleep. I hate dreaming about work. I want to spend as little time here as possible, especially when Iím not being paid.

I think Iím preoccupied with this place because I have to interview people next week. Iíve never had to do that before and it kind of freaks me out. I donít even know how to interview roommates, I just try to figure out if they are sociopaths or not by the conversation we have. I will have help with the interviews, but it still feels like it is very much my responsibility to find the right person, especially because I have to work with them. I keep telling myself that itís going to work out fine, weíll find someone who will work out great and all that, but I am always very nervous when I have to do something for the first time, especially when there is a lot of lead up to get me nice and paranoid.

We didnít get the big olí job I was bidding out last week. Itís OK, though; I think that is for the best. The amount of stuff I would have had to ship in from around the state wouldíve been ridiculous, a shipping and receiving nightmare. It was hard enough for me to arrange two Super Troopers for the Ballet. I canít wait until there is someone else here permanentlyÖ if only I didnít have to do the interviews.

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