Soapbox Derby
2007-11-12 - 4:52 p.m.

I am drowning in mail. I havenít even finished checking in Fridayís mail yet and I have the same amount sitting on the counter staring at me from todayís deliveries. Why couldnít Fed Ex/ UPS decide to take Vetís day off like USPS? I needed a catch up day!

So, I played Guitar Hero for the first time ever last night. It was fun, but itís really hard and kind of stressful. Thatís usually the problem I have with video games, not only do I usually get bored before I get good enough to actually enjoy a game, but I tend to get very stressed out by them. Too many green notes! How am I supposed to hit all those green notes! This is crazy! It was fun, though, so Iíll probably play again the next time I get to go visit the Princess. I also realized I have a pretty extensive knowledge of late 70s/ 80s metal. I blame my cousinís band. It did come in handy, though. I beat Welcome to the Jungle on my first try. Next I need to try Dance Dance Revolution. Yes, I am very behind in my video game education. What of it?

Oh, Iím sure everyone who reads this already knows, but just for the record, support the WGA strike! Most mainstream media has been rather anti-union which I find rather bizarre and disappointing, but at the same time considering who owns newspapers and such not really surprising. Anyway, writers get the most crap deals in Hollywood. As with most entertainment jobs, there is the elite 2% whose names everybody knows and who make the six figure incomes while the other 98% barely make it, if they are working at all. They write the words that entertain you; they deserve to be paid for them. They deserve their royalties and those royalties need to be fair. Right now no writers are paid any royalties when you watch a full episode online, or if you buy it from iTunes, or see it in any way other than the original broadcast or syndication on TV. The same goes for movies. They also get CRAP royalties from DVD sales, something like $.08 (donít quote me on that, I might be off a bit, but the point is itís a stupidly tiny percentage.). OK, Iíll get my technician butt down off its soapbox now. I just felt the need to offer my support to fellow theater/movie grunts even if itís just this stupid little blog that no one reads. Heh.

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