Meme... Because Ericka Made Me.
2007-10-11 - 5:25 p.m.

I may have done this already, but I donít care. Ericka tagged me and so I must do it.

1 - List seven weird/quirky habits about myself
2 - Tag seven people to do the same
3 - not just say ďwhoever wants to do itĒ or refuse to tag people

1. I hate writing about myself. I always feel like there is nothing interesting to say. Obviously, I can go on for pages and pages of crap here, but when it comes to writing a bio for a play or filling out a questionnaire or a profile or anything I come up with bubkis. This will serve as number one and a warning that 2-7 may not be all that thrilling.

2. I always look back at my car as I walk away to see if the lights are on, even if itís the middle of the day. I canít not do it, it is impossible.

3. I knock on wood when someone talks about how good things are going. If there is no wood I knock on my head (a wee bit of self depreciating humor that is). Itís not so much that I really think talking about good things can jinx themÖ well, yes, actually I do. I know logically itís silly, but I believe it anyway.

4. Iím really bad at trying to figure out how long it will take to travel from one place to another. Therefore I am usually embarrassingly early or stupidly late.

5. I count things.

6. I am incredibly anal retentive about wrapping presents. It will be perfect or it will not happen. This has turned out to also be true when packing boxes for shipping.

7. If I do not put my keys on the little shelf next to the door right as I walk into the house they will end up lost for at least 48 hours.

Time to tag folks. I donít know if I know 7 people who havenít done this one. Letís try Poola, Gayla, newmillenia, arweena, chad, fifi, and Julia. If Iím mistaken and youíve already done it, you are excused. If you just donít wanna, you are also excused.

In other news, my birthday came and went with quite a good time to be had. Thanks to everyone who came out to the lovely Zeitgeist and everyone else who sent wishes and other virtual messages. I am a very lucky girl to have so many awesome friends around me. Also a special thanks to Deb for immortalizing it all in slideshow form.

when we last left our herosÖ - in our next exciting installmentÖ