Time Killer
2007-01-22 - 5:20 p.m.

I have a half an hour left at work and I really just donít want to do anything. I have been so listless and lethargic today and there is no real explanation for it. I even went so far as to drink coffee at two because I felt like I was falling asleep at my desk.

My sister colored my hair this weekend. She also straightened it. It looks really good; the blonde highlights are gone, now itís all dark browns and reds. Mostly reddish brown. It feels really dark, which Iíve kind of missed, so Iím really happy. It is also stick straight right now which is fun. If it didnít take over an hour to make it happen I would do it more often. I actually should do it more often. If Iím careful it can last four or five days and it is so easy to take care of when itís straight. I can brush it like a normal person and it doesnít frizz out or anything. It also looks really good, which is a plus. Itís funny, though, I startled myself in the mirror a couple of times because Iím not used to it.

I have to go home tonight and chain myself to the dining room table until I finish my floorplans once and for all. I got a bit of a reprieve, but they must be finished tonight, no if or buts. Iím going to make them in a smaller scale than usual, at least this round, so I can easily scan and email them, which is pretty much impossible with full sized versions. I really need to get my hands on a copy of Vectorworks for Mac already. Iím about halfway through a tutorial, but I had to stop when I left the ware house because I no longer have access to the program. It would make life so very much easier. Oh well, not in the budget right now, anyway. Maybe after tax time, though not likely. I need to read my High School contract to see if I qualify as a real staff member. Maybe I can get my hands on an educational version that way.

Well, I killed the half hour, so I need to go now. Well, I need to put away a bunch of binders then I get to go.

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