Wanted: Roommate. Please Don't be Scary.
2006-11-20 - 9:30 p.m.

I donít want to be whiney, I really donít. At the same time why does it have to be so hard to find one good GD roommate??? I have a nice apartment. It is a nice neighborhood (if a little bit out of the way). I am a nice person. I vacuumed (I own a Roomba!). What is the problem? I just want a halfway normal person that pays rent on time and doesnít drive me completely buggy or run the heater until the PG&E hits $200.

Sigh. I just went through the most awkward interview. This guy hasnít even told his landlord heís moving yet. He wants me to give him an answer by Thursday so he can tell his landlord. I have an interview scheduled on Saturday. Yeah, no. Heís a nice guy but completely clueless. He also asked three times if it was month to month because a year lease was too much of a headache. Doesnít inspire confidence in his sticking around, does it? There was a really nice guy who came by Saturday. I couldnít tell how interested he was, though. I already offered it to one girl and she turned me down. I donít know how much more rejection I can take. Heh. I sort of feel like this is accelerated dating or something and you keep hoping the object of your affection likes you back. Then, if that manages to pan out, you hope they are really who they say they are and that youíll really live happily ever after for ever and ever Amen. See? Itís just like marriage, only you have to decide on a twenty minute meeting instead of over however many months/ years/ whatever.

OK, I have another situation I was sort of hoping would go away, but alas I donít think it will. The sound designer at the High School keeps asking me out. I am not interested for many reasons. First and for most, Iím just not attracted to him. Heís a nice guy, but as Shelbyís Dad so succinctly put it, some part of you has to want to see the other person naked, or at the very least wants to know what it would be like to make out with the person. It can be a little part, and that part can grow, but itís gotta be there somewhere. It is not. Also, we work together, and I have had horrible experiences dating people I work with, thirdly, the first time he asked me out he still had a girlfriend. That squicks me out. A lot. Lastly, and in many ways most importantly, he keeps making these advances in front of the students and other staff members. Heís not trying to grope me or anything, but he says flat out ďdo you want to go out with me?Ē in the green room with the entire cast and production crew standing around. In my world that is the height of unprofessional, and I donít think Iím too out of the norm about that. It is very important to me that one of the things I can say about myself with confidence is that I am professional and I HATE when other people cross the line with me like this. Also, and I think this is part of the reason why he does it, there is really no graceful way for me to decline and not totally publicly reject him in front of a whole roomful of people, many of whom are his (and my) students. I do not want to humiliate him, even if he brought it on himself, and I donít want to discuss my personal life in front of my students, and I really donít want to lie, so I keep trying to be vague about how busy I am hoping heíll get the point, but he doesnít. He keeps saying heíll call me, but then he doesnít so maybe he is kind of getting it, but if he is why not just drop it? Lastly, how the hell do I deal with this without making the one gig I really love suck and not making myself be a total heartless bitch? I donít hate the guy, heís nice and very talented, but he needs to just back the fuck off and let me do my job and go home.


And so ends the High School portion of the entry (in more ways than one. Heh.). Iím sorry you all had to see that, I know it wasnít pretty. Iíll try to prevent you from ever having to deal with him again. Believe me. (Insert charming, yet boyish, Hugh Grant sheepish grin here. Your panties are charmed right off and all is forgiven.)

In good news, New Job is going fabulously. I think I mentioned itís in Biotech, and I donít think I mentioned, but I work in the Technical Writing department. but I know there isnít much else I told you, mostly because I had to sign a confidentiality agreement and, as I said, I like New Job and want to keep it, so I canít really discuss specifics too much, at least not on the internet. I can tell you I work in a cube with three other people that I like very much. We get along and act goofy together and make afternoon trips to Walgreenís. I have an amazing view out the office window all the way down Sansome Street to the Piers. I work very close to many friends now and can have lunch and happy hour drinks, which is very nice. I have to learn to budget a bit better, because I get paid bimonthly instead of weekly. I am now Muniís bitch. I eventually need to get a new bag because carrying everything in my cute purple backpack (which is fine for school) makes me feel like a seven-year-old walking through the financial district with all the grown ups with their shoulder bags and briefcases. I need a cute pair of low heeled, knee high boots for winter thatíll fit over my boy calves.

I also need to make myself some dinner, so I will end here.

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