2006-11-06 - 3:35 p.m.

The show at the High School is going pretty well. We made it all the way through the show in our Q to Q, which is usually a good sign. The tech end is coming together, so now we throw it to the actors and see what they can really do. We have one actor who has to interact with the others via a TV feed. He can only hear whatís happening, he canít see at all. In the TV room he has post its all over the wall showing him where he needs to be looking when heís talking to different people during different scenes and heís still one of the best actors on the stage. Heís doing a real good job with it. Iím very impressed. Heís one of those kids who seems to be joking around a lot, but at the same time he is very serious about getting things right and has a lot of focus.

In case you canít tell from the complete LACK of focus Iím exhibiting, I am very tired. It was a long night last night and I had to get up earlier than usual this morning so I could get to work a bit early so I can leave early to get to rehearsal on time tonight. Sleepy. Things calm down a bit this weekend, but Iíll probably have to interview new roommates. Let me rephrase: I will hopefully be interviewing new roommates. I want to wrap this up post haste. Hopefully, whoever it is can move in during Thanksgiving weekend and my current roommate can get a bit of her rent back.

I get to go back to the gym starting next Monday. I am so happy about that. I have only been maybe three times in the past two months, thatís really bad. I know Iíve gained back a little of the weight I lost, probably not enough for anyone else to really notice, but I do, and I miss having that bit of routine in my life. I miss pilates. A lot. Who ever thought I would say that?

Well, it has turned into a very busy day here at the office, so I will leave this here.

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