Quit Yer Whinin'
2006-08-11 - 4:47 p.m.

I was looking at my older entry stuff and I realized that I have been rather remiss at updating lately. Basically, the long and short of it is that I am sick of complaining. I know not every entry I put here is full of complaining, but sometimes that takes quite a bit of effort and there have been a couple of times Iíve been halfway through an entry and just deleted the whole thing because even Iím sick of listening to myself. I also have a few things going on that Iím really not comfortable throwing up on the Internets for all to see, so Iím trying to come up with other things to talk about, but itís kind of hard to do that because consciously not thinking about something can sometimes be more difficult than reaching Nirvana. I donít even know why I really feel the need to put up an explanation, maybe itís just for myself so I can have it in writing somewhere, but there you go.

I forgot to add two movies to the list (and I need them! Iím falling way behind!) Movie #24 is Kiss Kiss Bang Bang directed by Shane Black. I really liked it, it just sort of goes and you just go with it. Itís sort of a noir satire kind of thing. I could take or leave the girl, but Val Kilmer and Robert Downey Jr. are a lot of fun to watch. ďBadlyís an adverb, idiot. Who taught you grammar?Ē

I saw Madeaís Family Reunion the same night, so thatís movie #25. I would have liked it a lot more if Madea had actually had significant screen time. The whole sister plotline thing was so melodrama it just bugged me. I do like Madeaís solution for what to do to an abusive spouse, though when it plays out I canít help but think, ďGirl, you weigh maybe 90 lbs. You hit him, good for you, heís had it coming this whole time, but now you need to RUN because there is no way he isnít getting up. RUN and call the police.Ē The out takes from that same scene, though are priceless. Hmm, that stuff may be skirting into spoiler territory, but I figure Iím not really ruining anything and anyone else who reads this who wanted to see it has probably done so.

I also watched the first Pirates of the Caribbean that night, but itís something like the 20th time Iíve seen it, so I canít count it here.

I need to go to the movies more often. I like going to the theater and Iíve never had qualms about going by myself, I just havenít been lately. Partly because it is Ďspensive, but I could still go more often than I do. Will I be able to watch 35 movies before the end of the year, though? That is the real question.

I really wish I could stop the strange dreams Iíve been having. I do not like them, especially when my friends end up in prison like the last one or when they do not so nice things to me like in the most recent one. I wake up all freaked out and I may as well never have fallen asleep because I am no more rested than I was the night before.

Oh, and Project Runway. I am so very, very happy Michael won this challenge. I love him. I have a big olí crush on him and I think he is an amazing designer and technician I hate hot pants, but I LOVED his hot pants. I want him to live in my house and look cute, and make me pants and say awesome things like ďI ainít trying to be all Captain Save-a-ho or anything.Ē I also really liked Kayneís dress, but Michaelís outfit was just plain hot and it was built better. It didnít get a whole lot of attention, but I also liked Alisonís Farrah dress. It was very cute and I thought she did a good job on the updating part of the challenge.

As for Angela, I didnít like her dress. I now the judges did, but I thought it looked kinda weird and lumpy. I didnít like her ďgranny circlesĒ at the waist. I actually didnít mind the ones around the bottom, but the ones at the waist were way too much on top of the already hugely textured fabric.

Poor Bradley. I really liked him, too, but come on now. Seriously, how does a man live on this planet for 30 years and know nothing about CHER. Itís mother f-ing Cher. At the very least he should know the Bob Mackie Oscar Dress (the first one). If nothing else he should know that no self respecting hippie/ rockstar/ techno queen would be caught dead in his Buck Rogers reject outfit. I will be fair and say Cher would be more difficult than some of the others if only because the challenge is: Update Cher. OK, which Cher? Sonny and Cher? Gypsies Tramps and Thieves Cher? Moonstruck Cher? Straddling a missile launcher in a fishnet bodystocking Cher? Bob Mackie Cher? Cher right now? She has updated herself so many times and over so many years it could be a bit overwhelming, but there is no excuse not to know at least one of those incarnations. Sigh. It really seemed to me like he just sort of gave up last week and just couldnít rally himself back into this, you know? Itís too bad.

I am really hungry today. I have yogurt for lunch, but I really donít think thatís going to cut it. Maybe soup. That sounds pretty good. There is a place near work that makes really good minestrone soup. The only problem is when I go there I always want to order breadsticks too. They are soooooooo good, but soooooooo bad for me. They are basically just pizza dough in stick form, so itís just empty, processed carbs. But they are deliciously tasty and filling empty processed carbs. Itís also a bit more than I should be spending right now. In fact I shouldnít be spending anything on lunch right now, which is why I brought yogurt, but I think my stomach will eat itself if I donít eat more than that. I have zero will power.

See? Complaining again.

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