Play That Funky Music, White Girl
2006-07-20 - 5:01 p.m.

So, Iím not sure if I ever mentioned this here, but I finally broke down and bought an MP3 player. Not an iPod, there is no way I could justify that kind of cash for a music player, even if I had it. I bought this one. I really like it, itís teeny tiny, it has an FM tuner in it, if I ever manage to fill it up (so far it isnít looking likely) I can throw a memory card in it, and itís the same color as my cell phone (very important feature). The other, very important thing for me is this one was designed with gym/ running/ outdoorsy type stuff in mind. The shell is hard plastic and the face has a metal plate on it to keep clumsy folks like me from breaking it too easily. I was also able to get it really cheap from Woot. I bought it as a present to myself when I finally started getting to the gym on a regular basis. I was getting annoyed with my CD player, because itís really inconvenient to carry around (seriously, how is it they never made belt clips for those things? Those fanny pack monstrosities do not count.) and I had a little radio I was using for a while, and itís a good radio, but for some reason reception is really sketch over by the eliptical trainers. So, the long and short of it is, when I saw it for cheap I bought it. I then immediately thew out the headphones (as I know I mentioned earlier, ear buds no es bueno for my teeny ears) and put my cheap ass Radio Shack lovelies on them. I was in business.
Now I just need to put music on it. Actually I just need to put more music on it. For some reason that I have been too lazy to investigate, I canít get the iTunes plug in to work on my Mac at home so I have been very slowly transfering stuff onto it at work. As I bought it for the gym it only has cheezy techno and pop on it right now. If someone were to go through it and try to figure out my personality from the playlist they would come to a very interesting conclusion. Iím happy with it for now. I havenít really figured out how do playlists or anything yet, but I really donít care, the whole thing is filled with nothing but gym music, so itís just one big olí playlist anyway. Maybe someday I will move on to listening to it in the car or on the bus or something, but for now I still use my CDs for that.
Why this sudden testimonial to the joys of MP3 players? Well, Iím sitting here wating for the best of Prince to copy over so itís on my brain right now.
I have a couple people coming over in the next few days to look at the apartment. Keep your fingers crossed that one of them is normal and wants the place.
Iím going to a wedding on Sunday. It is very exciting. The couple is really awesome and they are so great together. I like going to weddings like that. They have pretty much put this whole thing together by themselves, the bride even designed and printed the invitations. I am so impressed. I helped another friend with her wedding and, damn, thereís a lot to think about.
HmmmÖ anything else? Oh, Project Runway is back! Yay! I like this group overall. I was really pretty sad Malan got cut. I didnít really like him, I think heís a raging snob, but I thought his designs had potential. Also? His mom is a hag if she really looked at his drawings when he was 14 and told him they were useless. Iím going to have a hard time this season, I think. I really like most of the contestants, and if they arenít my favorite people, they make pretty clothes, so they should still be there. I love this show.
Oh man, people ask me why internet dating freaks me out. Well here ya go. I do realize that J-Date would not particularly apply to me, but still, heís out there. Gah.
Can you tell yet that is is a very slow day here?
I left my purse at my parentsí house last night. Díoh. Iím trying to figure out if I can live without it until Saturday when I go back out there. I really donít want to battle a Friday commute tomorrow just to have to drive back again on Saturday. Gas is too expensive. Luckily I happened to have my cell phone and cash in my pocket, so Iím not totally without means. I guess I just really have to hope I donít get pulled over.
I have an appointment at 7 tonight and I need to find a way to fill time between now and then. I have a good book and there is a coffee shop near my destination, but Iím not sure I can nurse a drink for two hours. I should have brought my laptop with me today. I could start putting together portfolio pages.
OK, well, Iíll think of something, but now it is 5 so I must take my leave.

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