Sixteen going on Seventeen
2006-06-27 - 5:08 p.m.

I have two new movies to add. #16 is In Her Shoes directed by Curtis Hanson. I liked it, it really wasn’t a “chick flick” and Shirley MacLaine really is a good actress. Man, she just blows Cameron Diaz out of the water. Toni Colette manages to hold her own because she is that fabulous, but everybody’s favorite understudy really carries the piece. It’s funny, though, how this movie in a way points out how warped Hollywood is. At the beginning, there is all this talk about how fat and unattractive Toni’s character is, and while she is very frumpy and dowdy, the whole time I’m looking at her and I think back to Muriel’s Wedding and how she was the “frumpy fat girl” in that movie too, only in that movie she actually was chunky. In this one I just kept thinking, “Um, fat? Really? Huh, no. We’ve seen chunky Toni Colette, and this ain’t it. She’s got a nice little rig here, it’s just covered up.” So, yeah. But other than that I really liked how it dealt with the sister relationship, and while if my sister did some of the things to me that Daiz does to Colette she would really have a hard time walking out of the room, I still understand the sentiment of how the relationship works, theirs is just bizarrely extreme. I am also so very glad to see Toni Colette in more mainstream movies. Love her.

Then #17 is Kill Bill: Vol. 1 directed by Quentin Tarantino. I had not seen it before (last person on earth, I know) but I liked it. I liked the fight choreography, I liked the psudo 70’s feel of it, and some of the camera work was awesome. There were some really beautiful pictures in the film. I had a few quibbles with some of the visual choices, mostly dealing with how some of the gore was dealt with, I really liked the lack of realism, but there were a few times where it was just a bit overboard. Anyway, I’m looking forward to Vol. 2 to see how it ends up. Though I have to ask, does any one else think that the majority of Tarantino’s career has been a backlash of him going through Elementary and Middle school with the name “Quentin?” Just asking.

Tonight I go and plan my next semester. I don’t know what my goals are for it yet, we shall see. I really need to get off my butt and work on some of the things I said I wanted to work on over the summer. It’s already July!

Oy. Head full of mucus. Feels like it weighs fifty pounds. Summer colds suck.

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