Happy Teeth
2006-05-02 - 4:53 p.m.

Well, I went to the dentist this morning. On the up side, NO CAVITIES!! Yay me! 28-year member of the no cavity club! It has been so long since Iíve been, though, that when they asked when my last cleaning was I honestly couldnít remember. Yikes. Anyway, I guess I have quite a bit of crap build up and they told me I have to get another cleaning before my next cleaning in November to help get me back to where I really should be. Yikes again. I also need to have my wisdom teeth removed from my lower jaw. Triple yikes. I never had any in my top jaw, (Thanks, evolution!) so I donít need to worry about those, but the lower ones are growing in sideways and ruining the thousands of dollars worth of orthodontia my parents paid for when I was in High School. The dentist said it looks be pretty clean and straight forward (heh, no pun intended), so it should be as easy as wisdom tooth extraction can be. It should also be pretty easy to fix the orthodontics; apparently this is the kind of thing Invisiline is perfect for. It just depends on how much of it my insurance will pay for. I may just have to live with crooked bottom teeth for a while, though.

I am really not looking forward to getting my wisdom teeth out. Although the dentist said we didnít need to do it right away, I think I am going to just bite the bullet (hee, the puns just abound in this entry) and get it done as soon as I can. Anticipating it will be far worse that dealing with it, Iím afraid, so it should just get done. Especially since I have the insurance and I donít have a whole lot of freelance stuff lined up for the summer now is really the time to just sack up and do it. Eeep. I really hate anything dealing with my mouth, though. Everyone has their thing that just really freaks them out and they just canít handle, and for me itís the inside of my mouth. Normal cleaning, x-rays and stuff are fine, but the thought of surgery in my mouth, or more specifically dealing with the healing from surgery in my mouth grosses me out. Food goes in your mouth! You arenít supposed to get dirty crap like food around open wounds! Gah!

Ok, now that everyone in the world is probably so grossed out they will never finish this entry I will move on.

I saw two more movies. #12 is The Fog. I want two hours of my life back. I saw the original one made in the early 80s (?) and it was truly awful as well, but at least it was so bad that it became entertaining on that unintentionally funny level. This one? Just really, really stinkingly bad. It was so bad I invented the word stinkingly to describe it. The only reason I watched the whole thing was, to give credit where credit is due, some of the special effects (Iím not sure if they were all CGI or not, so I wonít be specific) were pretty cool, and just creepy enough that I knew if I didnít see the end my brain would write a significantly scarier ending than anything the dipshit who wrote the thing couldÖ and it would probably write this new version while I slept that night. Anyway, again, spoiler, though seriously, donít see this movie. The original ended with cheesy ghost pirates Arrrrr! Which are so much cooler than the ghost lepers (yes, you read that right, ghost lepers) that were the spooks in the new version. I guess they were trying to make the motivation for the haunting more sympathetic and justified as horror writers seem so fond of doing lately, the ďIím not bad, Iím just misunderstoodĒ camp, or so as to better try to draw a parallel to the ills of our society or some other crap justification for spending way too much money on filming a piece of dreck. Now, there are horror movies that do this very well, and it is a good use of the genre, but it is really not necessary. It is possible for the villain to just be plain evil or whatever, it really doesnít have to be any deeper that a creepy story. Especially if you do not have the talent to write, direct, or act anything deeper. Just pay attention to your story and have it make some bloody sense and have some level of continuity, thatís all I really ask of slasher films. If you can add that extra layer, great, but if you canít donít try and fail. Just give me back the two hours of my life. Or the cash amount equivalent to the f/x budget, either one is fine.

Anyway, movie #13 is The Big Lebowski. I had never seen this movie before. I know, I know, but I have seen it now, so the world can right itself on its axis. I liked it. I donít get parts of it, and I think it has suffered a little from Forrest Gump Syndrome, but I can see why so many people have encouraged me to watch it. Julianne Moore cracked me up. She is such a good sport.

I donít really want to go to tech tonight. I just want to go home. That is really pretty lame because thanks to my morning appointment I actually got to sleep in an hour later than usual and Iíve only been at work for half a day. I just want to cocoon a bit right now. Well, that will have to wait until Sunday. I have a feeling that is exactly what I am going to do on Sunday, though.

This last Sunday I had a great time. I went to Napa with two friends of mine and we went to this awesome winery that has free tasting and a full cheese shop and deli as well as a BBQ type lunch available. Their brilliant thinking being, you do your tastings, you buy some lunch along with a bottle of wine to go with it, you sit in their beautiful picnic area and enjoy your bread and cheese and wine, then when youíre all liquored up and happy youíll spend a bundle on more wine. Iím pretty sure it works too. I walked out with three bottles I had no business buying. They are really good, though. They had this absolutely delicious cabernet, but I didnít buy it because it was way out of my price range. Instead I bought a good Riesling, a different cabernet (which is also good) and a Muscat, which is delicious. It was actually hot in Napa. The weather was so, so perfect. I always complain when it is too hot, but it felt so good this time after this last winter. However, ask me again how I feel about the heat when we reach August and Iím sure youíll get a very different answer.

Well, I must go find dinner and get my butt to tech.

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