La lala la la la
2006-03-17 - 3:39 p.m.

(sing-song voice) I got an A in UNIX, I got an A in UNIX, I got an A in UNIX, lalalalalalala.

I took my final last night and our teacher posted our grades this morning. She let me turn in all my late assignments and the one I completely messed up and wanted to redo for FULL CREDIT (Huge, huge thanks to my programmer friend for helping me make sense of everything.). This meant I went into the final with a B+ instead of a D+. I then managed to pull out an 80% on the final. Which meant 8 points added to my total (The final is basically extra credit, not averaged in with everything else) so that means I got an A for the semester! Woo hoo! I am so happy. I worked so damn hard in that class and it was so frustrating having such a low grade for so long. You wanna know the best part? We were allowed a one sheet cheat sheet to bring to the test. I had no idea what to put on it, so I just copied out all of the self-tests with their answers and all the little tables that listed the commands and hoped for the best. When we get to the exam the teacher hands out the tests and says, “about 90% of the questions I took directly from the quizzes and self-tests, so you should recognize pretty much everything on there.” I almost did a happy dance in my chair. I was sitting there with half the answers written out on my cheat sheet. Sometimes, fate is good to me.

If only fate could have prevented me from parking in a spot that would turn into a 4”deep puddle during the torrential downpour that occurred during rehearsal (I had a busy day yesterday, work, then rehearsal, then final. I had sort of planned to go back to the theater after the exam, but I was just too tired and too wet.) I normally don’t like to devote too much time to the weather here, but I swear it has been positively Biblical this year. The worst part is, Mother Nature has been playing fake out for most of February and March. I wake up, the sun is shinning, the birds are singing, it is a beautiful spring morning, which is unusual for the Richmond regardless of the time of year, I should realize she’s up to something, but it is there anyway. So, I am getting ready for work, look out the window and say, “What a lovely day! I can wear a T-Shirt with a hoodie and I’ll be fine! So off I go without my umbrella or my raincoat because even though rain is predicted, they just said showers and how bad could that be? Well, people, the “showers” last night flooded Ocean Avenue in less than an hour (Heh, flooded OCEAN Avenue. It really was an ocean, too. I’m funny.). It was raining so hard that when I walked across the 30’ parking lot I got soaked to the bone. Walking thirty feet. My underwear was wet. It was positively ridiculous, and because of the lovely, lovely morning, I didn’t have an umbrella, or a raincoat. I just had to brave it out. I went to a restaurant to have some spaghetti before the exam and luckily they had the heat on, so I dried out a little bit and the storm had subsided to a drizzle by the time I left, but it was still ridiculous. There were no sidewalks, just slightly shallower spots where the sidewalks were supposed to be in the great lake we were calling “the street.” I had to hang my socks in the bathroom when I took them off because they were literally dripping wet. This hasn’t been an anomaly, either. I have seen pretty blue skies out my window almost every morning for the last two months and we have had at least some rain almost every single day. I really hope this ends soon, everything is so saturated at this point it just can’t hold any more water. Even the storm drains just can’t drain to the ocean fast enough, and the ocean is ¼ of a mile away! It doesn’t seem like it will end anytime soon, though. According to the forecast it is supposed to be sunny over the weekend, but there will be more “showers” most of next week. Maybe I should strap a kayak to the top of my car, just to be safe.

I can add movie #10 to the list. Bright Young Things directed by Steven Fry. It’s pretty good, though a bit long in the middle.

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