Super Fun Friday
2006-03-10 - 4:08 p.m.

I have my UNIX final next week. I am so not prepared at all. I am behind in the class work, it is really just so confusing. Luckily, I had a friend of mine who deals with this shit for a living tell me that this is how it is for everyone who takes their first programming class. He was telling me classes like this are to Computer Science majors what Organic Chemistry is to Med students. They throw all kinds of complex, difficult crap at you more to see if you will tough it out rather than to see if you are smart or not. All I know is that I will be putting in some quality time at the computer lab on Saturday. There are two tutors there who supposedly know this topic and hopefully one of them can help me at least get caught up, if not actually to the point of understanding. I was hoping to not have to take the final. Yeah, um, no. The only thing that makes me feel a bit better is looking at the other grades. It seems everyone in the class has either a high D or a low A. Almost no one is in the middle. Guess where I am. I’m hoping to pull it up to at least a B+. I want an A, but I think it is time to be practical here. I just don’t want this stupid class ruining my cumulative GPA in case I ever decide to go to graduate school. Yeah, graduate school, hmmm.

Two of my very good friends want me to try to get into school in LA, though I’m not sure if the Los Angeles area is going to be the best place for me for the next couple of years. We shall see. That sounds a bit cryptic, but I have to leave it at that for the moment.

I get to go out with my friends from college tomorrow. I am really looking forward to this. We haven’t been able to just hang out for a while and it seems we are all pretty much going through a rough patch all at the same time so we can cry into our whiskey together and then help each other forget about it. Good times. I am really lucky to have the friends I have. Not only my HSU friends, all of the folks I have around me. I’m a lucky kid.

Also, anyone in the SF area should go see ”Arrhythmica”at the Exit Stage Left. I saw the preview last night and it is a great piece of theater. It is several vignettes that all have something to do with death or mortality. It sounds depressing, but I spent most of the night laughing. One piece did make me tear up a bit though. Basically, there’s a little something for everyone and it is all fabulous.

We are supposed to have a training session for our new computer program today. Well, we were supposed to have it at 3, but there has been no phone call yet and it is now almost four. Even though all of us in customer service have said from day one we cannot train on Fridays, we are having training on Friday… And another one next Friday. Giggles has really been on my nerves lately and this is a big part of it. He books all these things and it doesn’t matter how much we tell him that we shouldn’t do these things during business hours period, but if we absolutely have to it cannot be on Thursday or Friday afternoons. What happens? An email stating there will be two trainings on Friday afternoons because that’s what the woman had available that fit into his schedule, ignoring the ten other people who now have to find a way to keep our phones and counter and loading dock covered during the busiest time of the week and still learn this stupid program. Luckily, this week everyone came in and picked up their orders early so I think we are only waiting on one other person and so far there haven’t been too many last minute things.

I spoke too soon. Someone just called asking for our address and what time we closed.

I need to call my sister tonight, too. She is going through a rough time with her boyfriend and I just want to make sure she’s doing ok. She drives me crazy sometimes, but I got pretty lucky in the sister department too.

Well, I have an hour left and I need to see about this stupid training, if it is even happening.

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