Somebody Call a Waaambulance
2006-02-08 - 5:01 p.m.

SighÖsiiiighÖSIIIIGHÖ Is everyone paying attention to me yet?ÖSIGH How Ďbout now? Good.

I am so Tiiiiiiirrrrrrred. Iím also very Whhhhhiiiiiiinnnney and Craaaaannnnky today.

Iíve got One Act Festival starting this weekend and Iíve booked myself pretty tight on other jobs as well, not super smart, but I always lose money at the day job during the festival and I canít really afford that this year. Iím trying to off set that a little by adding some other work at the Dance Space Thurs- Sat. I also have a workday for the High School on Saturday afternoon and class Saturday morning. Then we load in Festival Sunday night. Iím hitting that point where I start asking myself, ďWhy do I enjoy this again? This is all very stressful and not a lot of fun right now.Ē It looks like we get to start load in a lot earlier in the evening than I originally thought, so thatís good. We might not have to spend the whole night in the creepy, varmint filled space. Then again, we still might. You never know with this space. Iím definitely bringing all of my tools and maybe even asking to borrow a few from the day job that might speed things along. I need to add that to my list- check my rigger bag and make sure I put all my tools back last time. I have the worst habit of pulling tools out of my rigger bag to, say, re-hang a picture in my house, and then I donít put it back in the bag. I then grab said bag to go to a job and when I need the tool I donít have it because it is still sitting next to the picture. Bad, bad habit. I can really be so lazy sometimes. Note to self: I need to do that tonight.

I want to swim a mile. Thatís, like, 70 laps or something crazy like that. Iím not going to be able to do it today, I donít think, but I think it is a good goal. I need to find more swimming time. Iíve found more gym time, well, when Iím not working three jobs a day I find more gym time, but I havenít worked in much swimming. I like swimming, though, more than I like running on a treadmill, thatís for sure. There is a lot more involved, though, and there are the times when there arenít any lap lanes open and that always seems to be when I want to go. I think I need to start working it in on the weekends, especially after High School show is over. I think a good time will be right after class on Saturday. Instead of going home Iíll go to the pool. Get rid of the cobwebs from sitting at the computer for four hours.

Well, speaking of such things, it is time for me to head out.

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