TV Stuff
2006-01-25 - 4:27 p.m.

I have been so sleepy! I didnít even make it to 10pm last night. Well, I didnít fall asleep until later, but I was showered, teeth brushed and snuggled up in bed by 9:30. I then watched TV in my room until 11, but it was very passive, half asleep watching. I canít decide if I like ďLove MonkeyĒ or not. Itís cute, but it seems ratherÖ half baked seems like a good term. Maybe Iíll give it a little time, see if the characters develop, see if the plot goes somewhere good, as long as it doesnít get cancelled first I think it could eventually become decent. Wow, I am so optimistic about TV, arenít I?

Speaking of TV, I am so bummed. I have switched my kickboxing to Wednesdays because of my theater schedule for the next couple months, which means that I donít get to see Project Runway when it first airs. Arg. I like this season, too. Iím sad Emmett is gone, I liked him, but my current favorites are Chloe and Nick, probably the same as everyone else. Daniel is cute, but his hair is starting to bug me. You can tell heís one of those guys who spend 45 minutes trying to make it look like he spent 2 minutes on his hair. His bangs look like an old man comb-over. Just wake up, brush it and get on with life! If you do that you will be quite cute in that hipster sort of way. Santino, well, he looks like a magician to me. I see him doing an Off-strip show in Vegas as ďThe Great Santino.Ē We all know he does thing heís great, anyway. He just bugs. I like most of what he designs, well, not the turkey-costume-cum-figure-skating-outfit or the Heidi-on-acid lingerie, but for the most part I think he comes up with good stuff, but lose the freaking attitude. Gah. And no more trim. You have used up your trim allowance for the season. And you need a haircut too. Iím sure Jonathan Antin would be happy to make a guest appearance on this show and help these boys out. One thing I wonder about this show is if the judges get to see the outfits up close after the runway show, on the model or on a mannequin. The only reason I wonder is because the complaints about the construction they make sometimes, it just seems like they can comment on things that there is no way they would notice from the distance they are away from the clothes, especially with the models moving most of the time. Michael Kors could maybe notice some of it, after all, you donít become the designer without starting as the stitch-bitch, but the others probably wouldnít, not in the detail they talk about, anyway. I understand why they cut it, it would be the most boring TV ev-ah, but I sort of wish there was some reference to how they notice these things.

I need to start sewing again. I made my Halloween costume and it was a lot of fun. I have a really simple skirt pattern and some cute fabric, maybe this weekend I should try to crank that out and have a cute new outfit for opening night of the One Act Festival. I always get so nervous right before I cut the fabric, is the problem. Itís almost crippling. If you cut it out wrong, youíre screwed, especially if the fabric is expensive, which this is. I need to just get over it, though. Itís just fashion. If I make a mistake I cut it up and make a freakiní crazy quilt with all my mistakes in 10 years. I could make the skirt after school while I wait for my laundry. I must do laundry.

I must say the good thing about this Saturday class Iím taking is that it gets my arse out of bed and running around in the morning. Thatís good, though I need to make a PB&J Sammie or something for this weekend. Nothing around campus is open on Saturdays. Which is sort of strange, because there are a lot of people running around and you would think the revenue would be worth their while to at least have limited hours or something. Ah, itís for the best. Iím trying to eat better anyway.

Funny for me to say that when I ate a pint of ice cream for dinner last night.

Ah me. I am ready to go home now. Today has been one of those days that goes in fits and spurts so the time actually seems longer because you are really super busy then r e a l l y r e a l l y s l o w, so the slow times seem even slower than normal. I have things I need to do, but, like a four year old, I donít WANNA. Itís also really cold all of a sudden, it makes me not want to move.

Well, I should get to them anyway, at least have something to show for this slow time at the end of the day

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