2005-12-01 - 5:00 p.m.

It is raining right now and it is so loud on the metal roof that I have trouble understanding the people on the phone. Always an adventure.

It is already December. This means I have to start looking for presents. Unfortunately for me, every single freelance gig I had lined up for the month has fallen through. Díoh. One woman who had told me to save her a week and a half in my calendar didnít bother to tell me she hired someone else until I called and asked her when I should come to rehearsals, seeing as load in is in two weeks. ďOh, I hired [insert other local designer name here]. Didnít I tell you?Ē Um, no you didnít and I turned down another job during the same time a week ago BITCH. Arg. Others were just cancelled or moved to different dates. The one I mentioned, though, was the one that was going to pay the best, so I didnít worry when the others fell through. Until now. So, now I need a different way to fund Christmas. I actually will probably be ok, but I will really need to watch the budget. Only taking the bus downtown to avoid parking fees, no presents for yours truly (What? Donít judge me.), cut back on the chai lattes, no new clothes for parties, all that stuff. Iíll actually do most of my shopping away from downtown, so it should be ok, thatís where all the Ďspensive stuff is.

I had a great idea for making presents for most folks, and when I looked at the directions for the project, it seemed super easy and doable. Then I tried it. Well, long story short, it involved crocheting with plastic grocery bags (yeah, I know, but the picture was really cute and the pattern is really easy) and they, unlike the directions claim, do NOT behave the same way yarn does. As far as actually making the stitch it works the same, but the plastic pulls and tightens a lot more than yarn and so you are happily crocheting along then you look back at your stitches and they have been stretching and tightening with every consecutive stitch. Ug. Mess. Gave up on that very quickly. Now Iím sort of at a loss.

As it is December it is also almost the one year anniversary of my online journal. Yay me!

This just in from the office down the hall! Jennifer Garner has had her baby girl. We can all rest a little easier now. Except for Alias fans. Or maybe they can too. I have no idea what Iím talking about. Hee.

My head is in such a strange space today. I feel like I have temporary ADD or something. I canít focus on any one thing for more than a couple of minutes and I have about a million half-finished orders and such on my desk right now. Iíve been trying to focus and just get them done, but I keep getting distracted.

Time to go home.

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