5 Minutes Ago
2005-09-27 - 4:55 p.m.

I’m a little slow on the uptake here, but slowpokegonzales tagged me for a lovely survey and now I will actually fill it in and post it.

10 years ago I was
Starting my first semester at my Community College, working at a flower shop, and trying to figure out just what the hell was going on.

5 years ago I was
Just out of college and getting ready for my first US tour. I was still living with my parents and trying to figure out how to live and still work in theater. I’m still learning that lesson. I spent my days in a costume shop and my evenings with some new friends. I also started kickboxing around this time, if I remember correctly.

1 year ago I was
Still at the job I am now, starting my first show with the High School and trying to fit it in with the Other Theater that has the crazy new Artistic Director. I was working a few nights a month at the Concert Venue and trying not to go crazy even though I was never home, eating crap, and never seeing my friends. Not really a happy time in my life, though a relatively lucrative one. I even worked fourteen hours on my birthday that year. Yeah.

Yesterday I was
Working at the day job then having dinner with a girl I became friends with in high school and then ended up in college with. We only see each other maybe once a year, but when we do it is like we were apart for maybe a week. It is a really great, comfortable friendship. Good evening.

5 Snacks I enjoy the most
1. Chips
2. Carrots
3. Baby Quesadillas (mmmmm….cheese)
4. Tater Tots
5. Chocolate

5 Songs I know all the words to
1. The National Anthem
2. With or Without You (U2)
3. Untouchable Face (Ani Di Franco)
4. Lollipop
5. Chain of Fools (Aretha Franklin)

5 Ideal Places for Running Away to
1. My Bedroom
2. In My Car on the Great Highway with the Radio on
3. The Lost Coast
4. Rogue River, OR
5.Verona, Italy

5 Items you will never see me wear
1. Sweats with words on the butt… Make that ANYTHING with words on the butt.
2. Babydoll dresses
3. 4” heels
4. Drop waisted dresses
5. A jumpsuit, unless I’m about to jump out of a plane. I’ll wear one then.

5 biggest joys in life
1. Mastering a new kickboxing move
2. Getting into a formerly impossible yoga pose
3. Having a really good time with my friends and/or family
4. Fixing something I thought was unfixable
5. Puppies and Kitties!

5 Favorite Toys
1. Colored pencils
2. Make up
3. Christmas lights
4. Escrima sticks
5. Yarn

I’m supposed to tag 5 folks, this will come later when I figure out who hasn’t done it yet.

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