Blind as a Bat
2005-08-18 - 5:06 p.m.

Whenever I open the document to start an entry I wonder what the hell Iím going to talk about this time. Very rarely do I have anything planned.

So, I made a pretty bad mistake. I forgot all about jury duty. Now I have to go down and reschedule it. Now, I donít have a problem with jury duty, per se. Itís part of our job as members of a democracy. Also, I figure if Iím a good girl and go when Iím supposed to, then should I ever be on the other side of the jury box (God forbid) karma will pay me back and I will get a jury of good, smart folks and not unemployed doofuses and bored grannies looking for entertainment and gossip to spread at the hairdressersí. The only thing is, my employer doesnít pay me for jury duty past one day and any other time I spend at the courthouse gets docked from my check. I canít afford to lose too many days or my rent doesnít get paid, also, since we are only open from 8am-5pm it isnít like I can just switch shifts with someone. We shall see. I havenít had a judge give me a hard time about this yet. Granted, the last time I was called for an actual jury, it was a six week trial and I was working freelance on an eight week contract. The judge really canít tell you that you have to quit your job so you can help decide if some guy committed medical malpractice for $10 a day. I was glad I didnít have to be on that one anyway. A case like that would be hard for me, how do you really know if a doctor knowingly made a mistake? I mean, unless you have a tape of him telling another doctor how badly he screwed up and hee hee, wasnít it funny? It would just be hard. Straight forward cases, did he rob the bank? Well, there he is on the surveillance tape, robbing the bank, so I would say, yes, it looks like he did. Those are much easier. Anyway, I need to go reschedule for that.

I also need to get new glasses. Apparently, I have had a pretty major under correction going on for a while now. That doesnít mean anything too horrible, according to my doc itís pretty common amongst folks with eyes like mine. For a lot of people itís just more comfortable and your brain fills in the blanks on its own. Well, we have no discovered that I have been doing that, and I might consider sticking with it, except that I canít read street signs. Like REALLY canít read them. When the doc gave me what my new prescrip. would be I looked out the window and could read the sign a block down. I think itís worth the adjustment period for that. The adjustment period is going to suck, though. Probably wonít be able to drive for a day or two and Iím going to stock up on Tylenol now. When I get new glasses with just a small change my depth perception is completely out of wack for a day or two. Through my eyes it sort of looks like how it looks when youíre one drink past the line from ďbuzzedĒ into ďdrunk,Ē only without the foggy hearing. You can see everything just fine, but where it is exactly is a bit of a mystery. Is that just me? OK then, moving on. Itís going to be worse than normal this time. Itís ok, though. That which does not kill us makes us stronger, right? Though if you see some idiot fall off a curb next week, itís probably me.

My deadline to have my drafting done for Cuckooís Nest has been moved up a week. Eeep! I need to get cracking. Basically, I need to stop waffling and just sit down and do it, for better or for worse. I can always change stuff if it isnít working. I may need to buy new paints as well. I was looking at the ones I have and I donít think any of the greens I have will work and I donít think Iíll be able to mix the color I want from what I have either. Oh well, I guess Iíll just have to go spend money at Flax . Darn it all.

Thatís all. I need to go grocery shopping now and figure out what to eat for dinner. Maybe Iíll just eat ice cream.

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