2005-06-24 - 4:34 p.m.

So, my 10 year high school reunion is supposed to be this year. Maybe I talked about this already? I donít remember and donít really have the energy to look. Anyway, the point of my story is that messages have sort of been going back and forth on about this, though Iím still not sure it is going to happen. We shall see. Anyway, since this is being sort of arranged through I have signed up so I can read the bulletin board. It is sort of a funny site. I havenít put anything about myself on it. I donít know why, but Iím sort of uncomfortable putting stuff about me out there on the internet (says the girl with the online journal). This is a little different, since I donít need to use my name and I decide who sees what, that is a much more open site. I am intrigued with how much people are willing to disclose on this site. Some folks have even put where they live (not the address, but the specific town, and they are towns, not big cities like SF so finding them in a phone book would be pretty easy), the names of their family members and the companies they work for. Thatís a hell of a lot of trust there. Or maybe Iím just paranoid. Either way.

There is a customer who is here right now who is such a dick. Worst part? He is a reverend. Arenít church folks supposed to be nice? Why canít people listen when I talk and tell me what I need to know? Also, when they donít why do they blame me for their stupidity? He is now using my phone to call everyone in California who may have Wenger decks even though no one in the Bay Area has them because they suck. I do have the minor revenge of writing about what a RAGING ASSHOLE he is while he is standing right in front of me because he is so oblivious and caught up in his own little world, the same one that prevented him from telling me what he really needed when he called, that I could probably say very unsavory things about his mother to Minion 2.0 right now and he wouldnít notice. HATE.

I am so ready for this weekend. Iím going to bed nice and early tonight and get a good sleep and then get up tomorrow and spend time having fun and not thinking about anything serious. Wooooooo!

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